Cheri Honkala, Now the Green Party's VP Candidate, Says She'll Shed Light on PA's Ballot-Access Woes

By Randy LoBasso
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Many groups you’ve mentioned have often been taken for granted or known to vote Democrat. How do you expect to take on the Democratic Party if you start moving into those voting blocs?

Well, one, I really hope to stay alive in the process and that’s not a joke. Because some of the worst gangsters I’ve met have come from the Democratic Party and of course they aren’t going to be happy. For years—I know what it’s like to do voter registration in low-income communities, and the Democrats get very angry when you’re doing that independent of their party, because they want to make sure that they maintain a certain amount of numbers and that number doesn’t really grow unless it’s for whatever candidate that they want to have in office at the time. Because behind the doors that we knock on, people don’t know what is the Green Party, they don’t know there’s another choice. All they hear about is the Tea Party, but they don’t know that there are people who are raising a lot of these economic issues and they aren’t associated with the Tea Party; they are associated with the Green Party and they look just like them, and we’re serious about making this a real viable party in this country.


Regarding that, there have been problems getting the Green Party on the ballot in Pennsylvania. What is currently being done to combat that?

Now that folks are finding out that I’m the VP candidate, I have literally received hundreds of calls and emails and Facebook [messages], and you name it, with people asking to help. And we have until, I believe, August 1st. I think that if people are serious about getting myself and Jill Stein on the ballot—and that we are in crisis right now in Pennsylvania because we have a backwards state and we don’t have ballot access—then perhaps they’ll go out there and pick up one sheet and get 35 signatures. I know that people are having ’round-the-clock conversations, there’s going to be a Pennsylvania caucus here at the National Convention and people are really sounding the alarm on the importance of that. But it’s truly unfair: Democrats and Republicans only have to get 2,000 [signatures] and we have to get 40,000, because we’re sure if we get the [required] 20,000, that will be challenged in court.


Does the campaign have a precise number on how many signatures have been collected?

I think we need like another 30,000 signatures.


Do you plan on shedding light on this issue at all during the national campaign?

Absolutely. People can’t believe how backward it is, and the article that you wrote is being sent everywhere because they don’t really understand how backward Pennsylvania is.


Do you and Jill plan on coming to Pennsylvania soon to campaign?

Yes. Basically, the campaign has really been focusing on matching funds in each of the states and … focusing on that ballot access and collecting the signatures and the convention. The next period is going to be about visiting every single spot in the country and of course Pennsylvania is incredibly important right now, for some of the stuff you talked about, and because, historically, Pennsylvania represents a whole lot of things when it comes to presidential elections.

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1. Joe said... on Jul 18, 2012 at 02:57PM

“(I think you mean @gpus, not @TheGreenParty. That's the UK's party.)”

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2. Margaret Motheral said... on Jul 27, 2012 at 11:26AM

“The NW political machine and City of Philadelphia have been committing environmental injustice, civil rights violations and ongoing hate crimes and assault with deadly haz mat for over six years on project set up by 9th ward democratic leader John Connelly and cronyism. Recent assaults caused another evacuation and need for medical care. Environmental Justice, assault crimes, civil rights violations, hate crimes violate Green ideals. There is plenty of evidence, witness, violations, court transcripts to blow Mayor Nutter's claim to being a Green mayor. So far the Green Party has allowed these crimes and allowed their neighbor to suffer over six years of extreme harm right in the middle of one of their strongest areas- Mt Airy- allowing this travesty to continue and worsen. Wake up.”


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