Mayor Madness 2013


Mayor Madness: And the Winner Is... Anonymous

Mayor Madness 2013: Round Three

A scant year from now, a host of Philly mayoral hopefuls will be declaring their intentions to battle over Mayor Nutter's seat in 2015. Here at PW, we suspected those candidates may prove to be — well, a little less inspiring than we think the city could use. So we decided to get ahead of the curve and ask: Never mind the same old politicians; who do you really wish would run for mayor?

You posted, tweeted, and emailed us a bunch of ideas; we added a few more of our own, and we launched MAYOR MADNESS: a tournament-style elimination bracket to determine, early, while there's still plenty of time, what iconic Philadelphian might be truly best suited to lead us into the future.

In Round One, we learned that even inanimate objects like Glenn "Hurricane" Schartz's oracular bowtie and the Roses Margarita at Tequilas have a brighter political future than Sam Katz or Milton Street. In Round Two, we saw voters choosing Eagles stars over It's Always Sunny stars, yet comedian Wanda Sykes over Sixers icon Pat Croce. And in the semifinals, it all came down to Philly's famousest family guy, Bill Cosby, versus its who-the-fuck-is-thatiest guy, Rodney Anonymous of the legendary punk band the Dead Milkmen.

WED., APRIL 10 — The results are in: Rodney Anonymous is the winner of PW's Mayor Madness! And he's issued an official statement on our PhillyNow blog.

Thanks to all who voted — and to all those candidates who were good sports about the whole thing.



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