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Sick Days

In response to Jennifer Clare Burke’s story of her struggle with lupus:


I was fascinated and horrified by Jennifer’s story, and extremely impressed with the attention to all the little details that healthy people don’t consider and too often take for granted. Without sounding recursive, systemic disease affects everything. My sympathies and admiration on your strength in the face of this adversity.

MEGAN via philadelphiaweekly.com


I think it’s important for young people to understand that they simply are not infallible, so I am glad she is giving this kind of reality check to her students. Sorry to hear that Jennifer has had to deal with such an awful disease. I didn’t know before this story just how all-encompassing it can be and how something that seems as simple as a colonoscopy can turn into something a million times more complicated thanks to the lupus.

SUE via philadelphiaweekly.com


The Wrong Note

In response to J. Cooper Robb’s review of the Live Arts show 27:


I really disagree heartily with your comments about the music: really? No joy? None of the vigor? Alec MacLaughlin’s virtuosic playing seemed to me to channel the joy, anger and violent inhibition of 27, turning the songs into a lamentation, a swirling, screaming, growled, guttural dirge that triumphantly wrestled with its own infiniteness. The music was not meant to (nor could it ever be) an exact replication of the actual songs—the same goes for the performers. (Their resemblance was plenty to understand the suggestion. I can’t believe you critiqued that.) To me, they (performers and music alike) all seemed to be representations, ghostly imprints of what was… and a thrashing scream against what could’ve been.

ICCULUS via philadelphiaweekly.com


Good Garces

In response to Brian Freedman’s article about the Jose Garces dining experience in Atlantic City:


I hostessed for a Garces place a few years back. Everyone, from the dishwasher to the bar manager, was treated with respect from Chef Jose or senior staff. And I can’t say enough about Revel. I thought it was fantastic ... the first A.C. place (not even Borgata) that I truly enjoyed.

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 22, 2012 at 12:12PM

“Regarding Annamarya Scaccia"s story on photographer and recovering alcoholic Charlie O'Hay:
Maybe there is a reason why people who were once homeless are harder to find. They may not want to be found. Having been homeless myself, I have found discrimination from almost everywhere in society. It is often shameful to let one's family know. Especially if you are at odds with them. Employers and landlords dismiss you out of course. Stigmas come along with it: laziness, alcoholism etc. Letting these people know I've been homeless usually changes the dynamic forever. It's not about keeping secrets, it is about fighting too many other obstacles to become self sufficient. There is little left of me to fight for a cause where, again, I will be judged, and by former friends who are resentful and jealous because I managed to claw my way out out. That is I fight I cannot win. The only person in my life who knows is my husband. He's the only person who didn't judge


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