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Blonde’s Ambition
In response to Matt Prigge’s Q&A with Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office:

Sharon, Joan and the gang at GFPO are doing an amazing job for filmmakers—both studio and indie (like me). A million thanks to them for their tireless efforts.

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Kudos to Sharon and her incredible efforts to make Philadelphia the backdrop for countless movies, and her battle to increase the PA Tax Credit Program. Her (and her hair) are legendary.

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Film production may be the backbone of the industry, but it’s only a small part of the film world. There is no real pre- or post-production scene in Philly at all. And all of these big productions that come into town aren’t bringing that many jobs. All of the skilled trade positions and union jobs are all New York guys. If you’re serious about making it in production, you’re not staying in Philly. All these shoots hire a few scouters and some assistants and then turn all of the other low paying P.A. jobs into free internships for students. But it does help the local economy, it’s just silly for Sharon to take so much credit for EVERYTHING. She’s done a lot of good and there’s no need to diminish that, but it’s insulting to everyone else in the city to lay claim that she’s the sole reason why anything happens here.

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Money Matters
Regarding Tara Murtha’s column about Voter ID:

That’s the beauty of America and the light that draws immigrants in. Freedom of speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There are those who would abridge or take away our freedoms one piece at a time. Everyone should be able to vote if they are legal citizens of the U.S. America does not have a two-tier citizenship, but the Tea/Republicans have tried to legislate just that. The “Dream Act” was discussed, developed and decided back during 2001-2006 and signed off and scheduled to be brought to the Senate floor in 2010. Tea/Republicans failed to deliver the required votes and it languished in committee. These actions across the nation smack of bigotry and discrimination. Voter disenfranchisement is the tool of the Tea/Republicans to shut down voters.

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You need to do it the proper way. If you come here illegally and steal citizenship, no one will respect you as a man. It’s not color, its values. If you don’t have the integrity to obtain citizenship the proper way than you are a thief and do not deserve respect.

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Eye on the Prize
In response to J. Cooper Robb’s feature on the Barrymore Awards:

As an important member of the theater community—an audience member—this is very good news. The excitement, the competition, the honors all add to the sense of how important our cultural life is in this area. Despite the constant funding issues, we’re hot and the Barrymores keep the heat on.

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