Panic at the Bisco

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While you may not get the wine and cheese that you get at a gallery, you do get viewers from across the world. Perhaps you or your publication would like to lend some financial support to the underfunded program so that it will help the art community. I am sure they would welcome your generosity. 


I am the police officer on the second floor and I get to see the exhibit all of the time. Although I am not very artsy, I think everyone did a great job. 

Anyone can walk into City Hall as long as they have some form of ID. There is no bag-searching, no picture-taking of anyone like there is at the Municipal Services Building across the street. 

The public that walks by me on the second floor usually notice the art and they stop and look. I mention to them there is more on the fourth floor. The security on that floor is only up when City Council is in session. Then you do have the metal detectors up, but it’s very painless to go through. 


As an exhibitions committee member I would like to point out that I think that one of the purposes for “Art In City Hall” is to present artwork to members of the general public who probably would not go out of their way to see art. 

Thousands of people go through the halls of City Hall while our exhibits are on display and they see artwork that they wouldn’t normally see in their day-to-day activities. Actually, we probably exhibit work that wouldn’t even be shown in local art galleries. 

We give artists an alternative venue and chance to show their work. 


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