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Back on Track
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about the Streets Department saying they’ll be paving around, not over, the rail tracks on 11th and 12th streets in Center City:

From Twitter:

That’s weak. —@veneziar

Depressing! Especially since the trolley tracks are not even being used! —@jadebarnes

Nooooooooooo! —@timaree_leigh

I might actually cry. —@yepitsjana

We need to keep these tracks maintained because if money is available, say, 10 years down the road to bring the 23 [trolley] back, they can simply just purchase the vehicles and place them on the tracks and they’re ready to. Bicyclists can stop whining.

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The track serves importance in the history of Philadelphia’s trolleys, especially with the 23 being North America’s longest trolley line, spanning 12 miles from Chestnut Hill to Oregon Avenue. We need to keep the tracks and press the city to redirect funds to invest in the return of the trolley. If Philadelphia is so worried about going green, wouldn’t it be logical to remove the diesel buses off the line and put the trolleys back? Can’t the bikers go a block over to 13th or 10th where there are bike lanes already in place? Are the bikers that lazy, they can’t go a block over? Get your ish together, Philadelphia.

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OMG! Let’s not make any more a fool of ourselves, people! There are trolleys all over the world! I grew up in Philly, and in fact, purposely rode on the streets with trolley tracks. I never once had a problem. Hence, most of the major and even smaller cities and towns are restoring trolley service (thus, tracks) on city public streets. Learn how to ride a bike! Gripe about important issues like health care, education.

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Limited Access
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about new data showing Pennsylvania to be among the worst states on abortion rights:

The government tries to force women into giving birth to their child by shutting down abortion centers or placing other restrictions. However, forcing someone to become a mother doesn’t force the person to become a good mother. A proper way to save the life of unborns should be improving sexual education for teenagers and adults, together with supporting young mothers and their babies.

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1. Al said... on Oct 20, 2013 at 07:00PM

“I love the trolleys. Especially the Route 23. They're efficient and cool. My grandfather drove one in Philly when it was called PTC.”


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