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State of the Art
In response to Stephen H. Segal’s preview of Equinox at Arch Enemy Arts:

Arch Enemy Arts’ Noah Musher, Lawren Alice and Patrick Shillenn are class acts. Great people, lots of passion for what they do and are a huge asset to Philadelphia’s art world. Arch Enemy Arts gallery shows not only internationally known artists but local artists too. Never a disappointing show or outing.

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Set the Stage
In response to J. Cooper Robb’s roundup of the 2014 spring performance season:

Would be nice if you could lend some attention to some of the city’s many smaller theater companies, rather than those like the Arden, Wilma and Walnut, who certainly get plenty of press as it is. This update is very welcome, but I’d appreciate a wider look at the many offerings by small companies like Egopo Classic Theatre, New City Stage, Simpatico Theatre Project and many more.

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Dog Gone It
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Doobie’s screening Eagles games now that Michael Vick is no longer on the team:

I think you and your favorite bar are being exceptionally hard on Michael Vick. He made a mistake with the dogfighting. He has admitted it over and over again; he also served time in prison at the height of his career. He has paid for his mistake; stop persecuting him, all right? He’s sorry, he did something wrong, said he was sorry and let’s move on. Let’s remember, also, that his leadership held together the locker room with the Riley Cooper situation last year. Vick is not the devil, chill.

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Patty is a hero who stands up for what she believes in. It’s not about the money; it’s about right and wrong. We as a country used to shun evildoers, now we pay them big bucks and look the other way. And what Vick did was not a mistake, it was willfully done; he was never sorry until he got caught, let’s remember that too. Here is a suggestion for you: Let’s not move on. Let’s keep it out there in the public eye, let’s not hide it away and pretend it never happened. I applaud what Patty did. She is the hero, Michael Vick is pure trash.

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I love how you Vick supporters call what he did a “mistake.” A mistake is when you accidentally put too much sugar in your coffee or take the wrong turn on an unfamiliar street. You do not ”accidentally” electrocute, drown and hang dogs that don’t fight. He is only sorry he got caught; he’s not sorry at all for torturing and killing those poor dogs.

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1. Betsy Beaglette said... on May 6, 2014 at 08:53AM

“In his truly nauseating review of a suburban Sabrina's, Brian Freedman wrote "two eggs so overcooked, the yolks were chalky and set, as far from running as a morbidly obese octogenarian engrossed by an all-day TV marathon of old Murder She Wrote reruns..." Hey Bri, someday if your readers don't assassinate you first, maybe you'll be a morbidly obese octogenarian engrossed by crappy TV reruns. Is anyone editing your idiotic and insulting and puke-acious copy? One wonders.”


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