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Melvin the Great
In response to Michael Gonzales’ feature story on Melvin Van Peebles:

Great article about a African-American who was a pioneer in his industry. The films that were made during this period have received a label (black exploitation) that in my opinion is inaccurate. These films depicted some of society during their era. They evolved the same as R&B and hip-hop and rap. To label them devalues their contribution to the American movie industry. Thank you, Mr. Van Peebles.

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The Shame of Shame
In response to Josh Kruger’s column about HIV disclosure laws:

Laws like this only lead to fear, shame and more infections. When we confront HIV and talk about it, people get tested and in treatment. Most people in the U.S. with HIV won’t ever get AIDS. This isn’t 1995, acquiring HIV probably won’t kill you; you’re more likely to die a regular old way—heart attack, cancer, etc. These laws are as bad, if not worse, than marriage inequality. It’s a shame that more within the LGBT community can’t see that, let alone the rest of us.

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Pay Respect
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Tom Corbett’s gubernatorial salary:

I understand you have no love for Gov. Corbett (and I’m not impressed either), but why not tell the whole story rather than highlighting it as “unforgiving news?” He doesn’t set his salary. The last salary increase in 2005 was repealed, and they have remained fixed since and only adjusted for inflation based upon regional CPA. It is that inflation adjustment (which has its roots in 1995) that has caused the pay of every legislator to rise giving Pennsylvania the unfortunate distinction of having the second-highest paid governing body in the country.

On the flip side, like a number of governors, Corbett has accepted the same base pay since he entered office ($175,000) despite these increases. However, he pays taxes based on the higher, adjusted amount.

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Man of His Words
In response to Nia Ngina Meeks’s tribute to famed poet Amiri Baraka:

I do not find the quasar strange
Or far
Black hole centered
Infinite range
From then
In now
Of me and Amiri

I do not fear the matter is dark
Or inferred
Nor truly understood
And there
On cosmological ground
Where we found Baraka

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