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Care Package
In response to Lupus patient Jennifer Clare Burke’s experience switching insurance companies through the Affordable Care Act:

I’m not surprised that the author got a better deal with the Affordable Care Act insurance than before. All the problems with the website are due to, in my opinion, having to take into account multiple variables from many insurance companies with various plans. If the for-profit insurance companies had been left out and it were Medicare for all (run by the U.S. government, which retired people have), the website would have worked fine!

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Man With a Plan
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Governor Corbett’s Healthy PA plan:

Corbett’s plan turns Obamacare into just another welfare program, instead of providing affordable access to health care for everyone. Health care is recognized as a human right all over the world, but apparently not in Pennsylvania.

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Strike Out
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about widespread strikes at Walmart locations:

Capitalism has failed when a store that makes as much profit as Walmart has to hold food drives for its own employees, or those employees have to still go after welfare programs *while working* at their stores. This is sick.

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Off the Rails
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Ed Rendell’s attempt to bring magnetic trains to Philly:

Pipedream. No long distance maglev exists. Stay with proven high speed rail technology, steel wheel on a steel rail. Doubt Rendell, Daschle, Pataki have a clue. Their involvement alone creates grave doubts about practicality and integrity.

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