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Fill the Bill
In response to Randy LoBasso’s feature on State Representative Brian Sims’ first 200 days in office:

Brian Sims is a breath of fresh air and energy on the Pennsylvania political scene. While his predecessor’s heart was in the right place, Babette Josephs never seemed to be able to translate her good intentions into tangible, measurable change. Sims not only seems to have the courage of his progressive principles, but as he gains his footing he seems poised to contribute to real change in the gradual bluing of the very red central Pennsylvania. So, not only is Brian Sims someone I can vote for, he may well be one of those rare politicians one can be enthusiastic about. Plus, he’s hot as hell—what more can you ask for?

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It bears repeating over and over again, but Brian has far exceeded my expectations. Back in 2012, I supported Babette due to her seniority, the fact that she’s a well-rounded progressive and the fact she was the opposition leader of the state government committee (thankfully, we got Mark Cohen in her absence), and also due to my perception of Brian being a schoolyard bully and his coolness towards the transgender community at the time (including misgendering me on several occasions).

However, he has really exceeded my expectations on choice issues, on education issues, and even on the full range of LGBT issues. I’m proud to have made up with him, and I am proud to know him in real life as well.

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As a native of Harrisburg and a out man, I feel like there is a lot of fluff in this article. I do not see the evidence of how Brian has reached across the aisle at all. In fact, he has voted lock and step with the Democratic minority at every vote and has taken to social media to blast his Republican counterparts. If equality has a chance in PA, then he has to work with the Republican majority, and I am not sure he has shown a spirit that is willing to do that. I do think he has been a great advocate for the LGBT community, but in order to move legislation, he will have to do more to reach across the aisle.

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Not Every Woman
Regarding Bill Chenevert’s blog about Chaka Khan performing in Philly:

Chaka was a hot mess last night! Voice was good but stage performance and background [were] disappointing. Maybe it was too hot. The body was great, but thank you for the help from Ledisi—who was off the chain—and Ms. Patti LaBelle, who is always the queen diva! Thanks for helping a sistah out!

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1. Anonymous said... on Jul 24, 2013 at 07:39AM

“Her voice was good but the background was bad? Do you mean the singers, band what? I saw Ledisi in Detroit and was very disappointed with her performance she was boring. I'm glad Chaka and Pattie are still friends who give all they have when entertaining us. At their age its a wonder they get out of bed as much touring as they've done more power to them.”


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