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Bucking the System
In response to Stephen H. Segal’s interview with MK Asante, author of Buck: A Memoir:

From Twitter:

Great cover story in @PhillyWeekly this week. Can remember when @mkasante read “Two Sets of Notes” to us at Lotus back when I was a youngin. —jasminerae

Read the interview this morning, loved the bit on the power of having access to language and education. —ssscorvus

Bag of Tricks
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about a bill which would add a fee to plastic bags in Pennsylvania:

So let me get this straight: I don’t make the plastic bags/bottles or aluminum cans, but the seller of goods does. I get fined for not recycling, but that’s the only way I can get products. I go to buy my food, and they only offer plastic bags, then charge me for it. Bad enough the prices are extremely high, now you want to charge me for buying from your store? Why not offer another way to get my groceries home? Another way to take our money and offer no goods. The American way!

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Down to a Science
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about State Rep. Stephen Bloom’s memo promoting creationism in the science classroom:

Academic freedom does not include the right to miseducate children in failed, nonscientific, illegal, pseudo-scienctific theology dressed up in a lab coat. Creationism is rejected by mainstream churches, the sciences, universities and the courts. Science is critical thinking. And it has been categorically and definitively determined that your “science” isn’t science. Nice try, and thanks for alerting thinking voters that you are an unethical person willing to lie.

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Left, Right and Center
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about whether Ana Puig’s role in PA Revenue Dept. is a conflict of interest on a transportation bill:

I look at far-right and far-left websites, and these copied far-right political cartoons are no worse or even milder than those regularly appearing on far-left sites. And those far-left sites are supported by many Democrats and Obama appointees. Should we pass a law banning anyone from holding office if they have supported or contributed to any far-left or right website or publication? If so, the Obama administration would have a lot of vacancies.

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