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Tow-er of Doom

Regarding Aaron Kase’s recent cover story about the towing industry:

Even though I typically commute via train to the city everyday, I found myself fuming at the thugs operating these shady towing operations. It’s bad enough drivers have to deal with the PPA in the event they don’t understand the sparse, confusing and misleading parking signs posted around the city. But it’s simply unacceptable for the city to allow these rogue parking companies to gouge, bully and intimidate residents, tourists and visitors.

I don’t want to hear excuses from city government they don’t have enough resources to shut these operations down. Pull their licenses and shut them down. They bring shame and embarrassment on this city.

DENNIS FLYNN, Haddonfield, N.J.

I can’t believe that Kase never probed a significant issue in this piece, so permit me to ask the question for him: What gives these rogue tow operators the godly power to decide that a vehicle is parked illegally, and, just as disturbing, the authority to tow it for bloated and illegal profits?

Kase would have performed a better public service if he’d bypassed the whiny, pass-the-buck city bureaucrats and shifted the story’s focus from the “good guy” tow operators to the bad apples, demanding that they justify their actions and explain how they’re empowered to bring misery to so many.

I suspect Mr. Kase sidestepped this unpleasant matter because he feared an ass-kicking from tow operators like the “very large, menacing” fellow who supposedly bullied and intimidated the Schwartzes. How sad that they were left to fight that rip-off alone.

JOHN SCANLON, Woodbury, N.J.

Higher Learning

Regarding Aaron Kase’s recent story about Drexel University having a liberal bias:

As president or on the executive board of three Libertarian clubs and as a political science major, I have not had many problems with professors, except for one debate on Facebook, in which a professor called libertarians “whiny babies” and “idiots.” That’s pretty substantial, but it doesn’t effect my grades.

Overall, the professors are open minded, but they single you out as the “weirdo” in the class, the one lone libertarian (or conservative) who gets picked on all the time. They definitely neglect teaching about libertarian philosophy and any ideas that would limit government are usually looked down upon.

Drexel has a huge libertarian group, Student Liberty Front, who involves itself in the Philadelphia area and on a national level. The only problems are that the immense amount of bureaucracy ends up hurting this group.

STACY LITZ, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Booze Cruise

Regarding Brian McManus’ recent lush life:

Including T. Hogan’s with DeLeo’s is just flat out delusional to the point of madness. I lived in Manayunk for eight years, and T. Hogan’s is a great place to grab a microbrew and scarf down a high-quality ( very high quality for a neighborhood pub) cheesesteak, wings or chicken fingers. Jeez, they had blackened catfish fingers on the menu last time I was there! They have like 20 TV’s to watch sporting events, and cool video games, darts, etc. Last time I was there was a month ago for a quick pop after work, and a few of the regulars were discussing some local zoning issue! They also gave a cordial “Yo” when I took a seat (not overly friendly, but not rude either).

In this case, the comparison is just not valid.

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