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Language Barrier

Regarding a recent cover headline:

Congratulations on finally scraping the bottom of the garbage barrel of journalism! “BIG FUCKING MISTAKE”: Big celebration in the ghetto. Sounds like language that might be taught in a journalism class at a prestigious university.

Could this be the same type of language used among your staff at PW? I counted approximately 20 women on your staff. Being as you have now hit bottom, here are two more cultural pieces of filth you may feel fit to express in future editions of PW: MOTHA FUCKHA, COCK SUCKHA.

ANTHONY J. SLOWIK, Philadelphia

Have I just missed them previously or am I an O.F. prude? Does the word “fucking” need to grace your front page? I know kids can easily grab one and read all about the man with the pussy in the personals, but right there at their eye level, at hundreds of dispensers city wide; Is it really necessary, acceptable, or okay? Just fucking wondering. Keep up the otherwise fucking good work. I read your rag nearly every fucking week and I fucking like it.

E.J. SIMPSON, Philadelphia

Bisco Inferno

Regarding Brian McManus recent column about Camp Bisco nightmares:

As someone who has performed at Camp Bisco in the past, I would just like to thank you for writing such hilarious articles about this debacle for two consecutive years. After last year’s article, I was a bit worried that you wouldn’t be able to top/equal your previous entry, but this one is even better! I thank you for not, in any way, portraying this chemical fest as anything any of the band members, particularly Marc “If You Don’t Like My Band then You’re a Prick” Brownstein, would like. They seem to think they are throwing a family/eco-friendly get together in beautiful upstate N.Y., when they are really stretching the boundaries of Lord of the Flies gatherings here in the States. Keep up the good work, and God speed!


Your Camp Bisco articles are classic. My friends and I (sadly we saw the Biscuits like 80 times a piece from 2000 to 2003) quoted the last one for months into the winter season. Then one day back in 2003 it finally sank in that the music was unlistenable without said substances. I also love how worked up commenters get. It’s probably the bass player that comments as “the Disco Biscuits.” He thinks they are like onto the next big thing and that they discover acts. They think they are bringing Diplo and Major Lazer to “the people” ... um, welcome to 2008 fellas.


Please do not come to Camp Bisco. You are such a panzy if you think Camp is sketchy compared to all the other festivals out there. You mentioned going with friends this year? What do you have two, three friends? Stay home and be a tool and leave Camp Bisco to those who know what they are doing and have the time of their life every year there. Please stop writing these horrible articles with your horrible perspective.

AARON via philadelphiaweekly.com


We inadvertently left out a photo credit for the above picture that ran in the June 30 issue. The photo was taken by Michael Itkoff. His images can be found at www.michaelitkoff.com. We regret the omission.

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1. brendancalling said... on Jul 22, 2010 at 12:26PM

“hear hear to Anthony Slowick and EJ Simpson.
look, i drop plenty of F-bombs at my blog. But I don't have the kind of readership the PW has, with distribution boxes all over the city.
I don't even care when you use f-bombs in your article: 6-year old kids like mine don't read your articles. But when it's on the cover, it's a different matter. Your distribution boxes put the paper RIGHT AT A CHILD'S EYE LEVEL. And children, when they are learning to read, ALWAYS want to know what an unfamiliar word means.
I'm sure none of the staff at the Weekly would appreciate if I let fly with gratuitous f-bombs in their children's presence. I wonder why you would think that's appropriate language for your paper's cover?”


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