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Defending Champions

I know the relevance of Philadelphia Weekly. This is not an effort to be derogatory toward the publication or purvey any discontent for your sponsors or subscribers. I think the magazine is a pillar of the constructive efforts put forth by our forefathers who gave us the right and privilege to purvey our opinions. My reasoning for this response is to let readers realize the fact that we live in a great country. There are many faults in all systems of our government, our economy, our conformist ways, our bigotry and the way we categorize our citizens. Some recent letters to the editor have appalled me. So many of us are so unaware of our freedom. So what if articles have curse words? So what about light skinned, dark skinned, gay or straight? What really matters is that we are all one. In unity we can preach our opinions, it does not mean you have to read or listen to them, but the right is still the root of what makes this a great nation.

JOHN B. BARRETT, Levittown

Whine & Spirits

Regarding Michael Alan Goldberg’s article about selling wine and spirts inside Garces Trading Co.:

I don’t agree with the CROLF. As a member of the public, I want to see this Wine Boutique succeed. It’s a breath of fresh air in a very stale, archaic state liquor policy. I understand that the other restaurateurs are looking out for their interest, their viability and their access to similar opportunities, but I think it is going overboard to bring down another establishment’s achievement simply because they did not benefit from it. Especially when the public can benefit from it. If there was favoritism shown toward Garces so be it. It seems the PLCB wanted to institute a program and have it go successfully. Quite frankly, publicity increases the chance that the program succeeds.

GREGORY YOUNG via philadelphiaweekly.com

Nothing Special

Regarding Brian McManus’ article about the evolution of the citywide special:

I specifically remember drinking specials at B&B’s around 1996 to 1998, so it [originated] before 2001. In fact, it might have been even in the early 90s when I first had one. Also the owner is Jack “Prince,” not “Price”—a friendly bar owner if there ever was one.

PETE via philadelphiaweekly.com

Rick A. definitely knew Rick D. for years. This is the way it’s been told to me by Rick D. himself and Jack. I’ve worked at B&B’s for eight years. Jack wanted to book bands. Rick booked rockabilly bands that were the only things that worked in that small space. He brought in the beam to coexist with the pabst already on hand calling it a happy meal, something for that crowd. To this day we put in an extra cent to denote a special on the old register to track it.

BINGO BOB via philadelphiaweekly.com

Brotherly Veg

Regarding a food feature on vegan eating:

It’s about fucking time, Philly! Thanks to Grindcore House and Blackbird for having the balls to go all-the-way vegan.

EMILY K. via philadelphiaweekly.com

Congratulations to the dedicated vegan owners of these wonderful vegan establishments! You're doing great things for Philadelphia.

CARLA via philadelphiaweekly.com

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