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Working the Poll

Regarding last week’s cover package about the mid-term elections:

I found the comparison between Onorato and Corbett’s platforms very helpful but it misses the biggest question in this election: What is going to happen to health-care reform? Corbett is already suing the federal government over this life-saving legislation. This election year, we need to support candidates, like Dan Onorato, who will stand up for health reform. I was denied adequate health care due to not having any health insurance. I had a miscarriage and went to the emergency room. The doctors talked to me as if I did not exist because I didn’t have health insurance. I did not receive the proper care and could still be facing complications. I hope in the future no one has to go through the humiliation that I went through. Health-care reform is a step in the right direction but we need politicians who will keep fighting for health care for everyone who cannot afford it.


When are people, the middle class, or at least what used to be that majority of the population, going to wake up to the fact that republicans, now more than ever with their right-right-right leaning fiscal policies represent ideas that do and will always work against the financial interests of the middle class. If the main concern of the electorate in this election is jobs and financial stability, unless you are in the upper 2 percent you would have to be insane to vote republican. They represent the party of “I’ve got mine and too bad for you if you don’t” extremism. Vote for them at your own peril.

IRA UPIN via philadelphiaweekly.com

You write an article about how Philadelphia state representatives are gerrymandering without mentioning that these districts where drawn up while running for re-election and under indictment by republican John Perzel and signed into law by republican Governor Tom Ridge. You should take a look at the district, he picks and choses each division for the republican registration and effectiveness of committee person. You try to take a cheap shot at the city Democratic Party who had nothing to do with these districts. They were drawn up to give the republicans maximum advantage state wide. You need to correct this.

DAVID A. GRIMES via email

Why the hell would any middle class person vote for the republicans? Look what’s happened since the right wing elected Reagan. In short, the rich have gotten a lot richer. The unions have been busted, all manufacturing has been exported to China. The right-wingers want to eliminate Social Security and medicare. Tommey-Bush had a big hand in causing this problem. Come on middle class! Don’t let the Tea Party fool you. The rich don’t need tax cuts. They have all the money they need.

JASON via philadelphiaweekly.com

Vote for the candidate whose policies lead to more liberty and less government intervention in our lives. Most of us in the middle class, like people in every class in the America home of the FREE, want the government to leave us alone unless we are infringing on the rights of another. Sestak has already voted against liberty by voting to open the door to more Federal Government intervention in our health care. By voting for the government to begin owning corporations (ie: the banks and the car companies). By voting to create a “stock market” that trades on our carbon emissions. The size and scope of the Federal Government has expanded far too much, and Sestak has been a big part of that expansion. Whether Toomey will help to shrink it remains to be seen, but at least he will help to stop the bleeding.

MATT G. via philadelphiaweekly.com

I’m voting Sestak. I don’t understand why people think it’s wrong to extend health care to those that can’t afford it. Full time work was the only way to receive affordable health care until the groundwork for universal health care was laid out. Without health-care reform, people that are un/underemployed do not have affordable access, and there are A LOT of unemployed people right now, due to the irresponsibility of W. and the republicans. Obama is doing his best with what he was left, and the conservative republicans are acting like children by refusing bipartisanship.

ALISSA via philadelphiaweekly.com

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