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In response to the last week's cover story on PennDOT's gender policy:

I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the cover this week. I am a transgender person. In my opinion, people are way too wound up about something that’s perfectly natural—a variety of different gender presentations, identities, expressions, bodies. That being said, it’s very important for many transgender people to be referred to and treated as the gender that they feel they are.

The cover photo of the magazine is clearly targeted to get people’s attention, and not in a positive way. Trans people don’t need any more help at being targeted, assaulted, raped, etc. due to people’s gut reactions to something that they just don’t understand. We already are at greater risk of these things happening to us. The story itself was pretty well written, respectful, and used all of the correct pronouns, and I appreciate that. The cover, however is akin to printing a story about a local businesswoman’s achievements in advancing equity in the workplace with a lead-in on the cover showing a model “businesswoman” in a highly sexualized posture and dress (because it’s OK to reduce some genders to sex object status, right?).

Portland, Ore.

I appreciate this article and its information. The art/photo on the cover of the newspaper associated with this article works against your otherwise relatively respectful tone. Is that supposed to be funny, mocking, or sexualizing? Seems like it’s all 3. Try again, please.

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1. Rachel Amberose said... on Oct 6, 2010 at 12:33PM

“This cover photo was disgusting and insulting to all transgender women. Is that how they still see transwomen, as men in dresses? The person in the photo was in my opinion obviously a man. As a transwoman I don't have hairy, muscular legs and I don't use the mens room. I use the womens restroom and by the way I sit down, not standing up like the cover photo. I am a woman and a lady and I carry myself that way. The Transwomen of this city deserve an apology for the insult that this cover photo was.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Oct 6, 2010 at 10:27PM

“Panties around a woman's ankles. Really? The cover photo for PW's story on PennDOT's gender policy was demeaning to all women. What an unnecessarily sexualised pose. Extremely offensive. PS: I highly doubt that a trans woman would be interested in using a urinal...”

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3. Gilli Wansam said... on Oct 11, 2010 at 04:28PM

“I've got the chubs!”


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