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Chronic Relief

Regarding Jonathan Valania’s cover story about legalizing medical marijuana in N.J.:

I’m tired of hearing the whining from Chris Christies office: “Do it right, or do it now.” What is that? That excuse is no longer acceptable. The law has been passed, the time has expired. I would like to delay my next seizure until their earliest convenience, but I can not. How hard is it? Accept the help offered, the resources are vast and available. And here’s the kicker, no matter what you do, you will NEVER have to recall it because it accidentally killed someone.

It’s ALL about the money not the “right or wrong way to grow and distribute.” Like they care whether or not people are in pain, or withering away from meds eating up their insides or side effects that take you completely out of the game.


WENDE CAMPANILE via philadelphiaweekly.com

Weedalize It

Regarding Daniel McQuade’s recent article about legalizing marijuana:

I’m a hardworking college student with a 3.84 GPA going into my senior year. God forbid I take a break from studying and smoke a bowl before I go to bed. Who am I harming? Yet I could get busted, lose my financial aid, and not be able to complete school. Does this sound reasonable? Yet I can get piss loaded at a frat party, blackout and get carried home in a drunken stupor. Doesn’t make sense.

JOE via philadelphiaweekly.com


Not only will [legalizing marijuana] create tax revenue, but it will literally create more jobs which is all they talk about on the news lately. Everyone is bitching about the job market, and for good reason, and one of the best solutions is being suppressed.

And don’t be modest in thinking that marijuana’s medical uses are limited solely to just a few ailments. Cannabis is the most researched plant ever, with over 20,000 studies. Millions of Americans are prescribed toxic, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs for depression and related disorders that a cannabis sativa strain will take care of in no time, with the side effects being a healthy appetite and pure bliss. The drug companies can’t afford to let a plant that cant be patented render their entire corrupt industry useless.

JUSTIN via philadelphiaweekly.com

Up in Smoke

Regarding Nina Sachdev’s article about the negative effects of legalizing marijuana:

You cite a movie about two potheads looking for food [as your argument]? I’m sorry, but for the same reasons you like to drink alcohol, many other people enjoy using cannabis. What is the major difference (outside of safety, i.e. LD50): one is legal while the other is not. For many, legalization means the fear of losing out on a job or career is no longer evident. People like me who have careers and undergo constant, random urinalysis can’t enjoy cannabis. Why would anyone take the risks if it were illegal? Don’t be selfish and try to keep it locked underground. The only people you seem to be trying to convince in this bullshit that you have written are the very same druglords and dealers that control this game which you speak so highly of.

MIKE via philadelphiaweekly.com

Out of all the reasons against legalizing marijuana, you choose government inefficiency? How about some real reasons: The War on Drugs failed long ago, the black market in marijuana has led to the rise of violent cartels, prohibition for a plant that has never killed anyone costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the annual arrest of more than 847,000 non-violent and often minority citizens while more than 10 million Americans still use it regularly. How about the government first start making sensible decisions with our tax money before we start deriding them about managing a natural plant that they haven’t even said is legal yet?

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