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Regarding Daniel Denvir’s recent story about homeless families living in abandoned buildings owned by the city:

I was surprised to read that Cheri Honkala and KWRU are still active. Rumor was that Honkala was hired by PHA and that quieted her down. I think what KWRU is doing is one of the solutions to getting families into affordable housing. Many families can maintain a household if the barrier of down-payment is removed.

Dainette Mintz says the City doesn’t condone this action. Just what is Mayor Nutter’s stance on all the abandoned housing in Philadelphia? I wish a reporter would corner him and ask him to provide a valid reason why so many tax-delinquent, abandoned homes sit there to rot when I feel the city should seize them and resell them for a nominal fee to someone who doesn’t already own property. And that person would have to live in the property for at least 10 years or the City would take it back. Those would be the only requirements. No credit check needed!

SHAWNA HOLTS, Philadelphia

Please stop encouraging KWRU. I read this article yesterday and my first thought was: Why has KWRU released the address of this ‘safe house’? What purpose could that serve except to garner more press and attention? As I see from your update, I am correct.

This organization jeopardizes families when they are in need. They are negligent. How is a homeless family supposed to feel safe when their illegal address is in the paper, released by the same people claiming to help them? The family is lucky they were not home- if they had been the mother could have been arrested and the children sent to DHS. Once these situations occur, KWRU will no longer help those people. I know because I saw them do this, as well as paying thousands of dollars a month for multiple houses for Honkala all over the country but continuing to house ‘the homeless’ in abandoned buildings or with slum landlords. KWRU is interested only in their own fame.

AJA BEECH via philadelphiaweekly.com

Paper Trails

Regarding Jacob Lambert's recent column about the value of journalism over sports figures:

I greatly enjoyed your article. It was very thorough and well-detailed. You made an excellent point regarding knowledge of the city, which transgresses cultures as well as localities. As a journalist, I often wonder where exactly American journalism is heading and whether the signs we’re seeing now are any reason for concern.

I haven’t seen Road to Perdition , but it is certainly difficult to imagine a time when reading the paper was what everyone did, everyday.

I want to applaud your noticing of an issue in the city of Philadelphia and America as a whole that many people don’t care about.

MARK WALTERS, Staff Writer, Gettysburg Times

Party Land

Regarding Jon Campisi’s recent article about the third-party voters:

I find it interesting that Anthony Perella refers to the Tea Party movement as “a total grassroots effort.” In fact, the Tea Party movement is a creation of the right-wing media to exploit the tide of post-Bush dissatisfaction and protect the interests of big business. It would not exist if it were not advertised on Fox News. Most Tea Party members do not have a well-reasoned political viewpoint; they just know they are mad about something, and so they become the unwitting stooges of the capitalist machine, which is cynically using their anger and dissatisfaction to work against their own best interests. The Tea Party movement is not a populist movement; it is a corporate takeover.




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