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Stimulus Wreck

Regarding Will Dean’s cover story about how stimulus money is being spent:

I can not believe there is no mention of the City’s failure to even apply for millions of dollars in grants to retain or rehire many city employees. As an example, Congress amended the SAFER grant program so that funds from the program can be used to not only hire new firefighters, but to fund salaries for current or eliminated positions resulting from the economic crisis. Similar programs also exist for other types of municipal jobs. The Nutter administration’s failure to actively seek out this funding only pushes the unemployment figures in Philadelphia higher while also leaving the community at greater risk to fire, criminal activity and medical emergencies.

DAVE KEARNEY via email

Philly and PA state governments are incredible crooked. No wonder we see few jobs created from the stimulus, it’s in their vacations funds!

CJ via philadelphiaweekly.com

We should expect to learn the numbers of Philadelphia households (families and individuals) who remained housed or moved to housing in our communities rather than becoming homeless as well as an accounting of families who spent only days in shelters rather than months or years under the new anti-homelessness program directions from the Obama administration. Newly created jobs in this arena is not the goal.

PHYLLIS RYAN JACKSON via philadelphiaweekly.com

Uneasy Rider

Regarding Gerry Christopher Johnson's recent column about Country Western Night at Woody's:

While I’m glad to see country night at Woody’s getting some more attention, I feel the need to comment on the inaccuracies in this article. For starters, to call the attendees “hicks” and “hillbillies” is rather insulting and completely untrue. Most of the people that go to country night are upstanding professionals in the community with no ties to confederate culture or ideals. They are the same people you find at black tie fundraisers, Equality Forum symposiums, and other non-country establishments. They come to country night because it is a friendly environment (not slutty when you think about the other gay bars and after-hour clubs in the area), and they love the opportunity to dance formally with a partner of the same sex. Where else can a gay man go to waltz with the man he loves? I think you missed the point. I’m glad you had a good time but I hope when you come again you could see what this night means to the people who have been coming for so long.

MELISSA K. via philadelphiaweekly.com

I loved your ending! Thank you so much for putting the word out there a little, now we gotta blast people with the country western revolution!

NORMA via philadelphiaweekly.com


In the April 21 issue, we mistakenly omitted a photo credit on the feedback page. The photo of DA Seth Williams was taken by Albert Yee. We regret the error.

In the article “License to Ill” we incorrectly stated that PennDOT has suspended almost 2,094 licenses after determining that the identification numbers on applications were not valid. PennDOT has in fact suspended approximately 1,100. We regret the error.

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