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In response to last week’s cover story detailing the 10 most romantic meals in Philly:

Thank you PW! You made our day to include us; we keep truckin up here on the Ave!

Owners, London Grill
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In response to Nicole Finkbiner’s most recent “Forking Stupid” column, in which she attempted to cook at home two of the recipes she’d been taught by Philadelphia chefs:

I loved how you tried to recreate the chicken enchiladas from El Rey. But I have to share a great tortilla secret. In the Italian Market, there is Tortilleria San Roman, where they make fresh, hot tortillas all day. I’m a Mexican girl from California and I have to say these are some of the best tortillas around, miles ahead of store-bought. Definitely pick up a kilo next time you make the enchiladas.

And I have a request. Could you bug the chef at El Rey to share his recipe for red enchilada sauce? It’s seriously the best I’ve had anyplace, Mexico included, and I would kill for that recipe.

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In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Gov. Corbett’s latest proposal to privatize the Pennsylvania state liquor stores, and state Rep. Brian Sims’ response thereto:

I was withholding judgement on Sims. Although I was upset that he unseated Babbette, I thought, hey, maybe it’s time for a change. Now that he’s opened his mouth, I see that he’s as vapid as any Harrisburg insider.

“This is the system that we’re stuck with?” Really?

Granted, you’re dealing with an entrenched system, but your solution is to just do nothing? You are a lawmaker, dude. You’re the one that wanted this job. Show some goddam creativity and write a new law—that’s what you’re getting paid for.

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If sometime in the last six decades, the legislature had a pair, they would have followed the will of the people and not the contributions from labor, and we wouldn’t be talking about this now.

I suggest you take a trip to Joe Canal’s, Total Wine or Moore Brothers, and then come back and tell us with a straight face that the “system has worked really well for us.”

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