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Father Figures

Regarding Mister Mann Frisby’s recent cover story about the child support system:

Maybe this is a case that should not have happened, but I personally know of parents that are forced to care for their children alone and I could only be so lucky to have this happen in my case.

MELVA SMITH, via philadelphiaweekly.com

I read your article and was really impressed. It really hit home with me as I am about to have a child with a woman I don’t have a relationship with, and I know the road that is in front of me. I have talked to many lawyers and I understand how hard it is going to be. It’s so ironic to me that women fought so hard for equal rights and yet today men are so being pushed aside. If you go down the numbers, women earn almost as much as men, women are more likely to get college degrees and so on. I really liked your article and I wish things were being done to level the field. Good luck in your future.

DAVE, via email

While I struggled to be empathic toward Mister Mann Frisby’s plight, I can’t help wonder why he thinks he is above the law by not supporting his child as he was court ordered to do in the first place to the tune of $17,000. So what if you took your daughter a few days of the week. That’s what you’re supposed to do. The rest of the money owed goes toward the care and well being of your daughter when she is not with you. Yeah I know a lot of men like you. But I also know from experience the time I wasted in court trying to secure money so my son could have a happy childhood when a man unlike yourself decided to give up being a father when my son was 6. I finally won my case when my son was 17 and back payments have been rolling in on the regular. My son is now 23. If you want the laws and practices on the books regarding child support to change, then elect judges and state reps to change the laws that will benefit the only people that count in this matter, the children.

VALERIE BROWN, via email

I wish the author of this piece would take responsibility for missing his court date and for not making timely payments. Admitting it and accepting responsibility are not the same thing. There are many fathers, including war vets who have payments set at one level of income and then struggle when their income changes. Getting a personal attorney might help. Child support is set up differently from state to state, county to county. Marching to Washington D.C. would only prompt a federal takeover of state’s various child support systems.

ALEXANDRA, via philadelphiaweekly.com

The laws need to be changed. We went from favoring the man to favoring the woman. There needs to be better balance for the sake of the kids. Why can’t the judges grant four nights to mom one week and four nights to dad the next week? Then in the court’s eyes it is a 50/50 share. They don’t because they want to stick it to every dad.

JOE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Unfortunately, this happens too often to good men who are good fathers. It is sad that the parents could not have worked matters out without concerning the courts. I don’t know the other side of this story, but sometimes we, as women, become vindictive and our children suffer, the man who is providing for our child(ren) suffer as well. I thank God for the relationship I have with my son’s father. We have remained constant friends for the sake of our son, who is 18, and his well being, mentally, physically and spiritually has always been our first priority over anything else. I will be praying for this young man, his daughter and her mother. For a child, there is nothing like seeing their parents get along and spend quality with them, whether together or separately.

ANDREA MARSHALL, via philadelphiaweekly.com


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