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History in the Making
In response to Natalie Hope McDonald’s feature story about how colonial Philly’s same-sex secrets pointed toward the future of gay rights:

Enjoyed this article. When I was a kid, I had a Disney album and one of the songs was about Deborah Sampson. I must have been in second grade, but I remember the lyrics were, “Deborah Sampson, as a man she volunteered... as a man she persevered... Did everything but grow a beard to join the continental army.” Even at that age I thought the song quite progressive for a Disney history album!

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A Labor of Love
Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about State Rep. Brian Sims introducing a marriage equality bill:

No way. Not in PA. I would love to see it, but remember where Rick Santorum came from: right here. PA is guns, God and Bible, and that leaves no room for marriage equality. Sorry to say.

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This is better than no change, no movement. They say a body in motion stays in motion. A body in rest stays in rest. Lets bring peace and love to Pennsylvania!

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It is wrong to clump all Christians and “Bible” people—and even rednecks—as against marriage equality. It is OK to debate the issue, but we need to work on changing hearts and minds, not offending the same people we may depend on to support our efforts to be treated equally under the law in Pennsylvania. A little diplomacy goes a long way. I was a gay activist at Indiana University in the early to mid ‘90s, and I could tell you some stories—getting stones thrown at me in the Oak Grove and ultimately educating the same people who launched the attack. They became allies when light and understanding was shed on their ignorance.

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As someone who grew up in Pennsyltucky [and] currently lives in California, I have my doubts on this winning in a vote. It all comes down to voter turnout, as the larger cities in the state tend to vote very liberal. Opinions on this are evolving, even within Pennsylvania. If not this time, it will pass in the near future.

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