Letters: I Will Survive

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Regarding Steven Wells’ recent cover story about the growth of a multicultural, progressive survivalist movement:

Your survivalist story was not only interesting but also somewhat true. The Bush administration has put this country on the edge of chaos with its lack of policing; I do not just mean literal policing but also regulatory efforts that create fair exchanges. 

My family is from Mexico, many are members of the Latin Kings, many worship at the altar of Santisima Muerte and help the Mexican cartels with their business. My American friends do not realize what a danger these entities are. The next step is kidnapping. I know from a man who married into the family that University of Pennsylvania students are going to be targets—mainly young Republicans because they will elicit the least public sympathy. 

Mexico is currently in the state your main character [Fernando Salguero] describes and if poverty isn’t relieved, people in America will live in the same fear. Americans can yammer on about parity being socialism but they have never seen a body get riddled with bullets 12 feet in front of them. As for me, having seen such things visiting family in Mexico, I’d rather have a bit higher taxes than fear of constant death. 


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Wow. I am surprised to see members of the group standing behind this interpretation.

Do they really feel their intentions and motivations come through in an article that spends so much time on zombie nightmares and one paragraph on Katrina?

All I can think is—way to take a great subject- pertinent and interesting, and totally botch it. The redeeming reporting and elements of writing are so far outweighed by the useless and obligatory wackiness and status quo bolstering that this really pushes me away from PW . I will have a heard time trying to justify digging into the yellow box in the future.

You blew it, big time. 


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No Place for Hate

Regarding Gustavo Martínez’s 
recent article about the hate-crime ruling in Shenandoah, Pa.:

During the 1970s going into the 1980s our group assisted many Puerto Ricans experiencing similar concerns in the Kensington area and most recently addressed Geno’s Steaks in a boycott regarding his attacks of the Mexican culture in the South Philly area. If the Mexican community needs a strong voice of safety, our group is made up of whites, Latinos, blacks and Asians that have not forgotten the old-school style of activism.


Crime Victim Services

En Media Re

Regarding Daniel Denvir’s recent 
piece about the loyalty of Latino 
readers to Spanish-language newspapers:

Latino media is doing better than mainstream media. You have a whole generation of Latinos (mostly immigrants) who don’t know the ups and downs of the Internet. 

Although my family has been in the U.S. since 1980, they stay true to their print papers and El Diario is one of them. Latino papers tend to cover the positive aspect of the community rather than the gossip or murders. There are certain Latino magazines which cover Latino celebrities. 

Latino families stay true to the physical paper because they don’t trust the Internet. It’s the younger, second generation that trusts the Internet and uses it more and more. 

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