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Sound Off
In response to Jeffrey Barg’s feature story on legendary rock club 23 East:

How ‘bout a return to roots rock/blues/Americana? That’s what 23 East Cabaret was when Little Jimmy Mascaro ran the place. The Nighthawks, Robert Cray, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Buddy Guy, Living Colour, John Hiatt, etc. Yeah!

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Gone to Pot
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech about marijuana laws:

The war on drugs is the worst policy this country has ever had—worse than the Vietnam War and alcohol prohibition combined. We don’t need vague recommendations to U.S. attorneys that tweak the edges of the problem, we need a thoroughgoing repudiation of the war on drugs.

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I am a middle-aged woman who doesn’t smoke marijuana. Having said that, I have felt since the ‘60s that the policy in this country on pot is antiquated and has hurt more people than it has helped.

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You can offer drug treatment all you want, that’s fine, but think about this: smokers and diabetics and overweight people are still entitled to not being fined [or] imprisoned in locked facilities and still have the constitutional right to declare “AMA” against medical advice. Just admit that the illegal execution of any action against matters concerning the free will of people’s choices is indistinguishable from the biological warfare in Syria. Come clean with the people and they just may forgive you. Release any jailed/imprisoned people and dismiss all fines now; we the people want to give the government a chance to right their wrongs, but we will expose them if they don’t. 

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Horror Flick
Regarding Sean Burns’ review of The Act of Killing:

I read a lot of your reviews and enjoy them very much! I feel like [I’m] watching you in the cinema, reading your words. After watching The Act of Killing, I felt a lot like you did: needed to free my mind and knew I would not want to see something like this again. Ever. Every joke in this movie was based on real horror. For me, the movie is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing: more energy-sapping than powerful itself.

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