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Right or Wrong
Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s recusal from a same-sex marriage case:

There is a big difference between enforcing a law and defending it in court. Take the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): It was transparently unconstitutional, since it set up differing legal standards for legally married gay and straight couples. That’s why the Obama Administration chose not to defend it in court. This doesn’t mean that the law was not enforced while it was still on the books.

Similarly, Kane will continue to enforce Pennsylvania’s ban on marriage for gay couples for as long as the law is on the books. But in terms of its constitutionality, why should she be forced to defend in court something that she knows is indefensible, especially given the Supreme Court’s decisions on DOMA and Prop 8?

The Supreme Court could have issued a comprehensive ruling requiring gay and straight couples to be treated equally, at all levels of government, but instead they chose to punt on the some of the details.

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Spin City
Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about whether you should register your bike with the city:

Are there are other cities that have bike registries that have been successful? While this sounds like a great idea, I fear that it would be a lot of work and expense for very little impact.

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Indie-pendant Woman
In response to Karu F. Daniels’ feature story on Maori Karmael Holmes’ BlackStar Film Festival:

This is so exciting! Congratulations and so happy that we have great talent in Philly!

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Thank you Maori and the crew for making this happen. I look forward to this weekend.

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From Twitter:

Hey it’s @karmalux on the cover of PW to kick off this year’s @BlackStarFest! Go, Maori and Fam! —AVAETC

#TempleU alumna Maori Karmael Holmes’ BlackStar Film Festival is being called the “black Sundance.” —TempleUniv

@PhillyWeekly cover story calls @UArts Writing for Film & TV prof Maori Holmes ‘The New Face of Indie Film.’ —UArts

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