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I’ll Drink to That
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about a bill that would privatize Pa.’s liquor industry:

Modernization is what consumers want, and anyone that thinks the PLCB is not capable of modernization is wrong! This article hits the nail on the head when it talks about malice and union busting! Modernize, not privatize, is the right thing to do!

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To me, it looks as though the governor and his buddies are trying to sell off or get rid of everything in PA that is making a profit: I don’t know why anyone would sell off a gold mine like the liquor stores unless there is malice involved or it will benefit his friends some way.

Don’t be surprised if Corbett just sells the liquor industry overseas without telling anyone till it’s too late!

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The House Republicans shoved their bill through—without a single Democrat’s vote—just to help the governor’s wretched standing in the polls, as they have to run with him this election. (And it did not help the governor at all!) The Senate, under no such constraints, is doing their due diligence, as befitting any proposal to divest the state of a multi-billion dollar public asset.

Polls also show that a vast majority of Pennsylvanians place liquor at the bottom of legislative priorites. They want jobs—which is why the Senate’s transportation bill is so important. That, and Pennsylvania is 49th in the nation in bridge safety. Will 105 House Republicans stand in the way of fixing our deteriorating infrastructure?

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Building Bollocks
Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about the building collapse at 22nd and Market streets that killed six people and injured many more:

Wow. So some random guy tried to alert L&I about this dangerous situation an entire month before [the] collapse, and the city does nothing. Typical. I hope the victim’s families sue the city. L&I is a joke. They do nothing but collect money and process paperwork. Fires, explosions, collapsed buildings—get the fuck out there, inspectors, and do your fucking jobs!

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Seven blocks from City Hall and they can’t send someone over?

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1. Albert Brooks said... on Jun 16, 2013 at 10:49AM

“The PLCB doesn't modernize well.

The PLCB was 20 years behind in accepting credit cards.
It took 32 YEARS to "modernize" from counter stores to self service
Do I even need to mention wine kiosks?
At the current rate it will take over 100 years to "modernize" to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores unless they keep reducing the number as they have been then it might only take 90 years.
In July 2000 after the last counter store closed there were 692 stores. Testimony last week placed the total at 596, the better to serve us, the consumer?”


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