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Not Easy Being Green
In response to Randy LoBasso’s Q&A with potential gubernatorial candidate Paul Glover:

The Green Party and Dr. Glover are right, we need the Green New Deal. Solar jobs. Wind jobs. Geothermal jobs. Weatherization jobs. Rail jobs. The Green Party Eco for the economy makes money and sense. The Green Party’s pragmatic, fiscally conservative solutions for cutting wasteful military spending and installing an auditable accounting system at the Pentagon are overdue. Here’s wishing Paul Glover and the Green Party great success!

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Thank you, Paul Glover! Thank you for giving us the option to vote for a governor who is actually concerned for its citizens, environment and the future. You have my vote!

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Please don’t run. You know that every vote you get will be one less a Democrat gets. These elections are often very close; if you get 10,000 votes and Corbett wins and you’re the reason why, how would you feel? If you really care about the future of your state, you won’t run.

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School of Thought
In response to Josh Kruger’s column about higher education in the U.S.:

Two thoughts: 1. There is no constituency for real education in America. The last thing politicians and businessmen want is an educated public, since any education that teaches people to think would result in their mostly rejecting both the political and commercial trash that’s always being given us; 2. Whatever else the college tuition loan guarantee program has done, the one thing it is overwhelmingly responsible for is the vast inflation of tuition costs. When the colleges and universities know that they’ll get their money, because the banks will lend it due to the government’s guarantees, they simply raise the ante for students and go on a spending spree. If we cancelled the loan guarantee program tomorrow, half the colleges in the country would close the day after, and the remainder would be forced to drop their tuitions to $1,000 a year just so they could get someone to attend.

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For the Best
In response to Bill Chenevert’s list of the 10 best albums of 2013:

I really like Avicii’s True. I would’ve included it on this list. I think it’s really difficult for a young, already massively established artist to deliver under normal circumstances let alone when it’s technically his first ever album. I thought he did a really good job of being creative and putting together new material while still keeping it sounding like his own unique material. The commercial success of the single certainly helped bring people to the record, even though it was going to be successful without it.

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“In my opinion we need to close adult bookstores, peep shows and stores that allow people to have sex in the stores while the owners make money from helping to infect people with all sorts of diseases including HIV/AIDS. These stores promote anonymous sex with people who come in after drinking, or taking drugs or out on a bachelor party, these men will have sex with anything and then take it home to their loved ones. Close these stores now and it should prove out to cut down on the number of HIV/AIDS cases that are spread. (dirtandmoredirt.com)”


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