Letters: Fur Keeps

Regarding Tara Murtha’s recent cover story about Pennsylvania’s animal control:

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Race Relations

Regarding Brian McManus’ cover story about anti-hipster rapper Big City Philadelphia:

Man, that article was amiss! Half of the article was spent establishing the street credibility of Big City rather than discussing what the artist was concerned with, which was “the soul of hip-hop” and how it’s in danger from hipster rappers. So instead of getting to really see Big City’s views, the article reads like a litany of the mistakes he’s made in the past. All that character building is good if you want to write a press release, but the article hardly stands for an exposition about the evolving nature of hip-hop and what Big City’s role would be in saving the culture.

Now, on another note, and speaking as a black man and I guess as a so-called “hipster rapper” myself, I find it humorous that an Italian man is compelled to insult a slew of black rap artists, especially when the common thread uniting these black (sans M.I.A.) artists is that they aren’t violent rappers. (And Lupe Fiasco a hipster? Did I miss a memo? Dude is Muslim as fuck, and as cerebral as any rapper comes.)

It’s as if Big City is saying, and I’m paraphrasing, “Ya’ll funny-dressing niggers ain’t nigger enough to be real rap. How come you ain’t stab nobody, nigger? Or shot a bunch of other niggers up, nigger? Wait, you ain’t selling drugs in your community, nigger? Your shirt stops at your waist, nigger? What kind of rapper are you, nigger?”

Sorry, Big City, I went to college, tryinta do something with this life I got homie, y’know, pay my rent and shit dawg. Make my Jamaican immigrant mother happy and not do any stupid shit. I think I may read a book later too if that’s okay with you.

I mean, I got this vintage Nautica jacket from like ’94 I could wear while I’m reading to be more hip-hop, or maybe I’ll just listen to Low-End Theory and think about a world in which white people and their antiquated notions of black identity and masculinity fall to the wayside, and black folks can express themselves however they choose in an art form they created, effectively demonstrating the plural nature of existence.

Plastic Little


In our Image supplement, we erroneously stated that designer Jimmy Contreras was once co-owner of Kimberly Boutique. He was a manager there. PW regrets the error.

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1. you're smart! said... on May 19, 2009 at 12:47AM

“What an astounding display of ignorance and immaturity. The only person bringing up skin color is you. I read the article and listened to the song several times, and it's clear that the artist is basically making fun of the middle class. He's not criticizing blacks for trying to better themselves. He's simply poking fun at middle class suburban kids who are trying to identify with street culture. If these kids happen to be black, perhaps that adds a dash of irony to the whole thing, considering the history of hip hop and its roots, but that's about as far as it goes. Your use of the n word is totally inflammatory and divisive. You're characterizing someone as a racist simply because you have no understanding of rap music. You automatically assume an attack on a person who happens to be black, is an attack on blacks everywhere. That's the mindset of religious fundamentalists. You're basically a joke.”

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2. JBG said... on May 19, 2009 at 12:58PM

“Mr. Schwartz must have his head in the sand if he isn't aware of the problems at the PSPCA/ACCT. Foster and rescue partners have been jumping ship since January. Can he provide a list of all their rescue partners and the numbers of animals each has pulled by month since January first?”


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