City of Brotherly Shove

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Regarding Joel Mathis’ recent column about racism in Philadelphia:

Let me get this straight. Joel Mathis moved to Philadelphia, not for a job, not to be close to family, not to experience life in the big city, but because he wanted his son to grow up around black people? And once he gets here, he’s surprised to learn white and black Philadelphians don’t always get along? Had he heard of us before moving? 

Joel, it’s a big town with plenty of rotten apples. Before despairing too much, stop wringing your hands, take a walk up to the Toleration statue in Valley Green, and spend some time reflecting on this amazing place you’re now fortunate to call home. Lots of thoughtful Philadelphians, much wiser than silly little you, have been working on these problems a long time.

And Joel: not all of Philadelphia’s racists are white, and not all of its victims of race are black. Your examples reveal more about you than about us. 

You’ve been here a little more than a year. Well, Joel, one thing Philadelphians of all races do agree on: we don’t like getting pissed on by outsiders.

Welcome to the big city, bozo.

Mt. Airy

Racism in Philly ... Having grown up there, it exists and it’s diversified. The problem with those who “crap themselves” like the author of this article, is they only do so when they see and hear the white variety. The black variety, not at all. Philly celebrates black racist doctrines and black selective segregation and black racial discrimination and calls it “diversity.” Speaking of racist police officers, why is there an exclusive black racial police officer association spying on whitey? Did the author check to see what the white police officers’ association had to say about those racist comments on

Today’s diversifed racism is like a dog chasing its tail. If we truly rejected racism, all of it would make us “crap ourselves” in equality. Racism is used as a club by the self-righteous racist wackos. It all stinks. But Philly worships crap. That’s why I don’t live there.


Chow Down

Regarding last week’s cover story about Philly’s 50 must-eats:

This list is fantastic. If food is your life, it’s good to be alive in Philly. I’ve had the pleasure of serendipitously sampling some of the goods on this list in the past, however, this list will now be my guide for where I’ll be eating for the next few months. 

First stop is Zahav. I have been meaning to go there for some time and now I know what to order. And I may just have to reserve some of that lamb to enjoy in the fashion of Chef Solomonov; in the unlikely scenario that there’s some left over. 

Cheers PW . 


Great list. The Bahn Mi at Royal Tavern should be required eating. 


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1. SOUTHERNBEHAVIOR said... on Aug 30, 2009 at 02:05PM

“I read the phila weekly all the time. The real estate section is the best of all to me. But I have other pressing concerns.
Like why is it that crooked politicians, deadbeats, tax cheats, cop killers, child abusers, lazy city workers, patronage, union deals have all made the front page of this publication.
Why have we not seen anything on cheating husbans, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends on the front page. I cuaght my wife cheating and think the public should see her pictur so others would think twice about this kind of behavior. The picture should read: Do you work with, live next to, or know a cheating husband, wife boyfriend, or girlfriend. The people of phila would love to know.
Send photo's, addresses, credit bills, receipts, love letters etc., etc., ect, for this paper to put on the front page”

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2. bruce butler said... on Nov 13, 2012 at 09:18AM

“To whom it may concern,on sat.10.2012 at approxmitly 5'30 inthe morning while waiting on G bus to go to work ,Iwas question by the 12district police about a murder case that i new nothing about.mind you he got out of his car with drawn pointed at me yelling let me see your hands Iask what was the problem he shouted let me see your F hands five more cop cars pulled They claimed there was a muder in another county aperson with a red cap on head,there was another person waiting on bus whom they question the person like me was also in shock when all said and done they lets us go iguess being black in the morning gave them areason to qustion us shame shit different day


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