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The Reel Deal
In response to Sean Burns’ blog post about the passing of legendary film critic Roger Ebert:

Ebert may have gotten some flak for his populist approach and having rose to fame along with the blockbusters of the early ‘80s. But even as he panned Blue Velvet in 1984, it led to one of the more memorable discussions on the show. He was a critic for the “everyman” but he did more to shine a light on the films of the pre-Internet age that would have otherwise been neglected. We’ve lost a great voice—a man who treated the loss of his speaking voice with unspeakable grace—and as his pal Herzog might say, we lost a great soldier.

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Lovely article, Sean. Bad reviews are fun to read, and you and Roger have written some of my all time favorites. (Your review of Alexander comes to mind as one that made me have to pause until the laughter died down before I could read the next paragraph.) But they would quickly turn insufferable if not balanced by your genuine enthusiasm for new and different things. I’m looking forward to seeing Gimme the Loot when it comes out here thanks to your review. Keep up the great work.

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Nutter Nay I
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about Mayor Nutter vetoing paid sick leave benefits:

How did this happen? This is 2013, right? The mayor and City Council both have benefits—probably the best—and they do this? I work 48 hours a week, 7 days a week, with NO BENEFITS. I pay property taxes, city wage taxes, etc., and I’m not worth a few sick days? WOW!

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Is there a mayor of a big city (500,000+ population) that isn’t a tool of big business?

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Boo! Nutter deserves to gets food poisoning every time he goes to a restaurant.

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Safety in Numbers
In response to Tara Murtha’s blog about a report linking violence and state gun laws:

Illinois ranks 36 on their list. The state that contains the city of Chicago, which has more homicides than the U.S. military has combat deaths in Afghanistan. The fact that Illinois ranks lower in a gun violence than 35 other states should make readers completely discount the findings.

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Mayor Madness,the results: You voted!

We counted! And after the final bracket of PW’s first-ever elimination tournament to choose a candidate we wish would run for mayor, the winner is... punk rocker and humorist Rodney Anonymous of the Dead Milkmen! Sorry, Bill Cosby— we still love you. Just, you know, not as much as the other guy. Check out philadelphiaweekly.com to read Rodney’s official statement on his mayoral prospects.

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