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Well, Sorry About the Cover

In response to Sean Burns’ review of Silver Linings Playbook:

I don’t think you were hard enough [on this movie]. I’m not sure how [people] could have experienced mental illness in their lives, and watch a two-hour comedy about mental illness. [Bradley] Cooper for me was spot on, but that just made me upset. I sat in an audience who were laughing at his illness. Were they really laughing at this 
guy as his inner world in turmoil flickers as social quirks on the surface? Was I really supposed to laugh? Did they really make this a comedy? Am I really supposed to relax ‘cause its a movie? I lost faith in 
humanity sitting in that theater.


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Poster Child

In response to Nicole Finkboner’s review of Judy Gelles’ “I Want to Grow Up Fast” exhibit at Pentimenti Gallery:

Heart-breakingly provocative and important. My wish would be for Arne Duncan, Congress and President Obama to spend a couple of hours walking from photo to photo—child to child—and then sit to watch and listen to the video production.

Judy Gelles shows again that we have work to do to close the terrible gap between the rich and the poor, and that the neediest may be our own inner-city children.


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Jersey Justice

In reponse to Tara Murtha’s blog about noted local survivalist Fernando Antonio Salguero’s arrest in New Jersey on weapons charges:

Word on the street is that the “rocket-propelled flares” were mere road flares that people use when their vehicles break down, and that the “tear gas” was simply pepper spray. Who’s to say whether the police or Fernando are to be believed at this point. Perhaps, as is typically the case, the truth lies somewhere in between.

But I’ll tell you one thing: This is New Jersey we’re talking about, so it’s entirely possible that these so-called “illegal” weapons were nothing more than road flares and pepper spray. That state is highly legislated, and oftentimes things considered to be “weapons” in N.J. are perfectly legal to 
possess in many, many other states. Still, we should all reserve judgment on this story until more of the facts come out. 


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Off and Running

In response to Randy LoBasso’s article about Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s likely run for governor:

Sort of feel betrayed and abandoned. Typical politician to get elected, gain some stature in Congress, all the while knowing this is not her last stop on the political food chain. 


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1. Anonymous said... on Feb 19, 2013 at 07:47PM

“No! it's hard to believe a survivalist would do something illegal. Say it's not sooooo!”

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2. joe b phila said... on Feb 22, 2013 at 01:04AM

“i would like to thank mayor nutter and city council for showing that you don,t need a gun to take almost everything from most of the people in phila why dont the look at what the have drop program pensions i had plan to retire in 2 years at 70 but if the leaders of this city don,t try to find a way to cut the cost of city i might have to work 60 hours a week to pay my taxes”


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