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Bye-Bye, Babette

In response to Tara Murtha’s exit interview with outgoing state legislator Babette Josephs:

While it’s a shame to lose such a fierce progressive voice and one of the few women on the floor, Josephs’ tone-deafness on the transphobia of her “men with breasts” remark clearly illustrates her as being a bit behind the times—an ugly place for a progressive to be. She’ll be missed nonetheless, and I’m holding my opinion on her replacement until I see him in action... but perhaps it was just time for her to go.


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Lay Off the Food Stamps

In response to Randy LoBasso’s week-long “food stamp challenge,” exploring the difficulty of bootstrapping out of poverty while only eating $5 worth of food a day:

Welfare should be a temporary basis. It should only be helping you on a short time period until you try hard to get on your two feet without any more petty excuses. The children are the only victim here. As a grown adult, you should plan, save and be ready to take responsibility before you bring any child into this world. What happened to all the immigrants who came here before the welfare system started? The welfare system is good—it’s the people that broke the system and took advantage of it that prevent the resources to reach to the people who really need them. 


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1. Alan Brocavich said... on Jan 5, 2013 at 04:13PM

“Sean Burns' proclamation of digital projection being inferior to 35mm projection feels more like a sentimental attachment to a bygone era rather than statement of fact. Digital projection defeats issues such as scratches, dust, shaky pictures and fluctuating focus issues, and opens the door for pristine viewings of classic films on the big screen. Filmmakers will likely never go away from shooting on film completely, but projecting it the old fashinoned way...good luck arguing that one.”

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2. Soberly Drunk said... on Jan 12, 2013 at 02:10PM

“im pretty anti-social and honestly i hate about 95% of the human race.But what i want an opinion on is.Why is tolerance being forced, when acceptance should be earned and taught.with what im seeing america is on the brink of social collapse.this last election proved that we are more divided,then what we have been in decades.personally im waiting for a crumble, then ill get to watch these people who call them self humans fight each other to an end”


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