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Fa-la-la-la Flicks
In response to last week’s feature about five blockbuster movies opening this holiday season:

I’m not a Reacher fan, or whatever, but I still can’t understand how [Tom] Cruise plays this guy with any semblance of Reacher’s imposing physicality. I mean, it seems essential that when the guy walks into the room, he appears to possess the ability to wreck anyone else with impunity. No matter how well portrayed by Cruise, he can’t pull that off.

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Sigh of Re-leaf
In response to Randy LoBasso’s article about new legislation to loosen restrictions on marijuana:

If you want to find out how in touch with reality your favorite politician is, look at their position on legalizing medical cannabis. As in nearly every state in the union, over three-quarters of Pennsylvanians support legalizing medical marijuana. Yet the governor not only opposes the idea, but clings to outdated and unsupported ideas like the “gateway drug” theory to justify his opposition. Voters should keep this in mind the next time they are in the voting booth.

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Coming from someone who testified for HR 1393, which seems like forever ago, this is long overdue! Now I face charges for my medicine in a state that has 80 percent approval? The people try to speak, but their pleas fall on deaf ears.

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Cliff Hanger
In response to Randy LoBasso’s story about how the fiscal cliff could affect Philly:

With Christmas just days away, why aren’t our representatives and president in “mission critical” mode? Let Congress join the masses to fear for their job, future, and entitlements. Start a petition to transform House and Senate salaries and benefits to reflect results. Tell our ineffective representatives that it’s their turn to work for $1 in not being able to solve problems under strict deadlines. Let government reflect what has happened to our private sector.

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