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Rick Rolls On

Regarding Randy LoBasso’s http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/news-and-opinion/cover-story/147811225.htmlwww.philadelphiaweekly.com/news-and-opinion/cover-story/147811225.html on the rise and fall of former-presidential nominee Rick Santorum:

Once Santorum exhausted states heavily populated with tea baggers, thrice-born Christians and intermarried first cousins, his message of extreme right-wing fanaticism met a brick wall. That anyone is surprised is itself a surprise, but moderate Americans need to be vigilant against his theocratic message. The snake has retreated to its dark hole, but is still alive!

WAYNE, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Once again, the elite GOP and media has managed to carpet bomb and sway the voter with the negative ads from a moderate. Santorum is what most patriotic American voters are looking for in a conservative Republican. However, the GOP “crowned” Romney long ago. Santorum outdid everybody and did not compromise his core values. He is still on the ballots in many states and I hope people realize that they should vote for him.

NEWMAN, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Rough Riders

Regarding Randy LoBasso’s story about legislation to deter attacks on SEPTA workers:

I understand that it is a problem, and I do not encourage people attacking SEPTA operators. However, this type of legislation basically states that people who belong to certain occupations are more worthy than others. Case in point, my mother is a nurse, but if someone attacked her, the perpetrator would not get as much of a penalty as if my mother was a police officer (and believe me, she has saved more lives than the average cop). People who assault should be sanctioned, but if we enhance penalties based on occupation, it basically makes it so that the lives of certain people are more important than others.

JORDAN GWENDOLYN DAVIS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

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1. Tim Wadas said... on Apr 25, 2012 at 03:26PM

“I began reading the article "Reporting for Duty", but the writer lost me when he wrote about gun control after stating earlier that the murders were committed with illegally owned guns. Gun control laws will have no effect on these people. They don't work when guns are readily available through illegal sources, and the City doesn't seem to be doing much about taking them off the street.”

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2. p watson said... on Apr 29, 2012 at 11:34PM

“I have not been the biggest fan of this administration, yet Barak Obama has been the most sensible president in recent memory. This issue is not of a partisan nature but one of sanity. The welfare state frankly is lost. Many welfare state programs exist, proposing to assist those in need. In every instance, these programs result in creating more problems than they solve, and result in more abject dependence on more welfare. I am beginning to think that self-reliance is a crime.
My most recent victimization at the hands of a welfare state program has been that of the economic stimulus package designed in part to add up to 99 federally funded extension weeks of unemployment compensation.
According to the state of NJ where I collected unemployment, I not only do not qualify for a remaining 20 or so weeks of extended benefits from EUC 2009, they also claim I owe over $6100 in extended benefits, this due to “agency error”. If this is the White House’s idea of economic stimulus, I live in the wrong country.
This action, initiated over 7 weeks ago, has left me vulnerable to eviction and is rapidly destroying what remaining credit I may have. Be advised credit destruction is from seizing benefits for 7 weeks. Also, I am forced to resort to other welfare state programs for things I would take for granted only weeks ago.
If this administration or any other proposes to “help” people, please get your sh-t straight or get out of the way. This alleged economic stimulus (99 week extension) was completely botched in my case, and it is resulting in economic hardship. Further I have been informed that appeals can take up to 6 months due to backlog. This is not stimulus, this is stupidity. I am expecting that some level of sanity will prevail in this matter.


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