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Cutting Vedge

Regarding Brian Freedman’s review of the Washington Square vegan restaurant, Vedge:

This is a nice piece, but until we stop comparing a vegan dish to a meat dish, or even stop labeling it a “vegan” dish, vegan dining will never go mainstream.

CHRISTINE CHRONIS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

This restaurant is not child friendly. They do not provide high chairs for their customers and discourage parents from bringing children. It’s a shame because it’s a very good vegan restaurant.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

 Love the place, love the food, but I agree that they could soften their attitude about kids.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Raided A

Regarding Sean Burns’ review of “Raid: The Redemption”:

I disagree that this film is easily forgettable. I loved it, even on my second screening. I didn’t feel bored and I still remember the details. But we’re probably looking for different things.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Out of Control

Regarding Tara Murtha’s news feature about Philly’s animal control:

Everyone I’ve ever encountered at ACCT works as hard as they can with the resources they have. Who would be smiling and chipper every day when their job is to take in animals that nobody wants and do their best to save them from being euthanized? The volunteers are the best you’ll find anywhere. I have adopted a sick dog from ACCT during a canine flu outbreak—it took a couple of weeks and some extra TLC to get her better, but she recovered and is the BEST dog ever! I say, good luck Sue! And by the way, $100,000 is not a lot of money for a CEO, even at a nonprofit.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Their policies are absolutely the worst. In the last 18 months I’ve fostered a kitty that, after a dozen “vet” visits (you see a vet tech, never a vet) I adopted the kitty and took her to MY vet, was diagnosed with feline asthma, NOT a URI AND when we adopted a dog, he had to be returned within 24 hours because he had bloody stool POURING out of him and could barely stand up. He was also cat aggressive after we were told he was cat tested. The staff of ACCT is rude, ignorant and not at all helpful.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

[In response to online commenters:] As an ACCT employee, I find it very disrespectful to say that we do not care about the animals. We love animals and we try our best under our current policy to help the animals at the shelter. We have an awesome volunteer group who are here at the shelter from 8 a.m. to almost 10 p.m. every day walking dogs, training dogs, working with cats. As the only public intake shelter for the entire city, we have more animals coming in daily than we have leaving the shelter. Of course we would like to save every animal but unfortunately we can’t. Last July, we took in 2308 cats. That’s just July alone. Now I would agree that the policies need to be reformed as well as the board. This job isn’t the easiest between dealing with phones ringing nonstop, customers at your window, and entering paperwork. If you think you can do this job, feel free to just sit here and observe just two hours in the shelter and see what we see.

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