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Three’s a Crowd

Regarding Randy LoBasso’s feature story on third-party candidates in Pennsylvania:

Rep. [Allyson] Schwartz should be ashamed of herself, having challenged [Nathan] Kleinman’s signatures while knowing full well that the loser-pays law unfairly burdens the little guy, likely making a defense financial suicide. It’s highly unlikely she would have been threatened in the primary anyway. She and the Democratic Party could have benefited from a healthy policy debate, but she foreclosed that opportunity. This is not the Ally Schwartz we once knew.

Now she’s part of the bipartisan machine that runs Pennsylvania. The two ruling parties are not going to change the status quo that cements them permanently in power. In some states, the courts would be the place to challenge it, but here in Pennsylvania our state judges, right up to the Supreme Court, are cogs in the party machine

RICH GARELLA, via philadelphiaweekly.com


Thank you for doing a story about this. It’s sickening that we have an election system that now says businesses and unions may donate unlimited money to a super PAC, and yet a third-party and independent candidates can barely compete. If you were to purposely build a system against the common voter, this is how you’d do it.

Sadly, Pa. has the most backward laws in the country on a wide array of issues. This is merely one of them. For a down-home, conservative-as-hell state at its core, it has no idea how to run a true democracy. If you want to protest this kind of corruption, vote Green, Independent or anything else in November. It’s truly your only voice.

JOE, via philadelphiaweekly.com


The third party gives us a true choice that the Bobbsey Twins in the main two parties refuse to give us. I know, who wants to spend the time on a choice?

JACK SMITH, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Choice Words

Regarding Tara Murtha’s column about Pennsylvania being the nerve center of the abortion debate:

The right is in the midst of an all-out attack on the rights of women. They are trying to relegate women to property. [They think] we are too stupid to know what we want to do with our bodies and lives. The attack on Planned Parenhood is misguided. Planned Parenthood was where I went as a young woman for exams and birth control. It was the only place I could afford. Without them, who knows how my life would have been different. Don’t let the right-wing fanatics force your little girl into an unwanted, preventable pregnancy.

KAREN POLES, via philadelphiaweekly.com


Yes, all those bills are definitely crossing the lines. Big time. Informed consent? How cute. Then why do lawmakers insist on doctors lying about women concerning abortions, citing a long-debunked study linking abortions to breast cancer? Why do lawmakers insist women are too stupid to inform themselves, think about their options and what’s best for them, and take a decision accordingly?

Women have the right to be mad. They have the right to be fed up and I’m happy to see them fighting back! The government does not belong in our uteri. Lawmakers should be dealing with REAL issues such as the economy and the lack of health-care access for too many Americans. Shame on them.

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