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Regarding Brian Freedman’s review of Sammy Chon’s K-Town BBQ:

I completely agree that this place was awful. The chicken wings were soggy and bland. The koagie (Korean hoagie) was dry and the pork wasn’t spicy at all. They don’t have table BBQ. The banchan was awful. The kimchee wasn’t spicy and had an acidic aftertaste. The cucumber was off as well and that ham stuff didn’t make it past the nose. I threw away 75 percent of this stuff and grabbed an Israel salad and some falafel from a corner store. Stay away.

MICHAEL G., via philadelphiaweekly.com

I have to respectfully disagree with this review. Overall, I’d say this place is on par with any other Korean BBQ joints in Center City. (The artist formerly known as Miran, Miga, etc). I can’t speak for the full menu, but the BBQ is solid. As the author admits, the pork bulgogi was addictively good. The LA short ribs were also quite tasty. I suspect Mr. Freedman may be experiencing some chain-bias. That is, because this restaurant is a chain (how boring!) from Jersey (the horror!), it must disappoint. Truth be told, in a blind taste test, you likely would not be able to differentiate the BBQ at this place from any other Center City establishment. You might even like it more. This place is worth a visit.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

Break the Ice

Regarding Matt Prigge’s review of “Thin Ice” starring Greg Kinnear:

Matt Pringgles continues to demonstrate why he’s a third-tier movie ‘reviewer’ making a Burger King managers salary to choke up yet another misguided take on a fun little movie. Go to Rotten Tomatoes and see what the big boys and girls are saying. Good flick. Saw this with friends in New York and it’s rock solid across the board. Not everything works perfectly but a surprising film that deserves better notice than what this bonehead has to say. Then again, this IS the girl who liked Transformers.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

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