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Protect and Serve

Regarding Michael Alan Goldberg’s article about slain Kensington bodega clerk Reyna Aguirre-Alonso:

The cops should have been careful on how they approached this and they should be ashamed. But the drugs and dealers and killers are to blame for this! They need to get off our streets for our families to be safe!

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

What do you expect in a culture that promotes violence and makes idols out of gangsters and drug dealers. All kids want to be are rap stars or criminals because that is what they are raised on. In music, peer social interaction and influence from older people, they are taught that crime and violence is acceptable. Even worse, those who try and stop this vicious cycle are ostracized when they are the only true role models for these youth. If everyone called 911 and everyone cooperated, this wouldn’t of happened.

ANONYMOUS, via philadelphiaweekly.com

A Dish Best Served Cold

Regarding Cristina Perachio’s “Quite the Dish” column:

This column is a joke. It is poorly written bullshit that seems to try to sell restaurants to readers (why bother when everyone in the city has heard of, say, Zahav?), or is some misguided, column-filling attempt at highlighting a single segment of an eatery. You could fit the same amount of basic information three or four times over for three or four dishes in that column space rather than writing childlike, banal drivel.

The Philly hip-hop cover story was awesome. The Arts & Culture section is always clutch (both the Six Pack and On the Record columns are good uses of columns), and nearly every other part of the paper is a consistently good read every week.

I love food, both eating and reading about it and this column would be a disaster written by anyone on your staff. There has to be something better. Hell, leaving it blank or extending the restaurant reviews would be a better option. Opening Food & Drink and seeing this vertical pile of piping hot dog vomit every week for the last few months has ruined my Wednesdays.

MIKE, via email

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