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Spin City
In response to Annamarya Scaccia’s Q&A with a new bicyle-based waste-hauling company:

Do these bike riders obey traffic laws? That’s the main reason bikers are hated, none of them follow traffic laws and slow traffic way down. I work outside, sometimes I have to close a block to traffic. I can count on every biker in the neighborhood to ride down this street, through cones and everything. Riding a bike down a crowded street during rush hour traffic angers everyone on the road except the biker.

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Ill at Ease
In response to Councilman Bill Greenlee saying a new paid-sick-days bill is likely this year:

Taxadelphian politics at it’s worst. Mandates to private employers that is sure to kill jobs. City Council should mind its own business and end the outrageous sick pay policies of the city unions. Some people actually stop working their last year and get paid in sick pay.

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The New Normal
In response to J. Cooper Robb’s review of the Arden Theater’s “Next to Normal”:

I must object to the review’s description of electroconvulsive therapy as a “barbaric treatment.” The musical itself does not describe it that way, and is in fact much more nuanced about the effects of ECT. ECT is one of the standard tools used to treat people with severe mental illness. Also, the review seems to conflate the treatments offered by Dr. Fine and Dr. Madden. Dr. Fine is the psychopharmacologist who prescribes too many drugs. Dr. Madden is the talk therapy doctor who then suggests ECT. The song “I Miss the Mountains” is an explanation of why Diana wants to stop taking her medication altogether—she misses the highs and lows that are the signature of bipolor disorder.

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Unserved Justice
In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog post about U.S. Congressional Candidate Boockvar’s reaction to Mumia smear attacks:

The state of corruption in our government is immense. If you actually look at the facts of Mumia’s case, he should have been given another trial years ago. There has been no justice served for the fallen police officer. Only crimes on top of crimes committed against the people. Even now, our elected officials care more about their careers than they do for truth and justice.

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