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About a Boy

In response to Jenine Pilla’s article about a documentary that gives voice to male victims of sexual abuse:

Great article. It’s nice to see that men are starting to get the same acknowledgement and support of their sexual abuse as women do. More articles on the topic of childhood sexual abuse would be beneficial, not only for the countless victims it claims, but also in bringing about awareness to one of the most heinous crimes against children that knows no boundaries.

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Governor’s Orbit

In response to Tara Murtha’s blog about state Rep. Tim Briggs’ call for an investigation into Gov. Corbett’s handling of the Sandusky case:

I was a lot happier when Tom Corbett was a cadet at the Space Academy. Whatever possessed him that he would throw over a career in the Solar Guard for a sleazy life in politics?

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Kitchen Caper

In response to Nicole Finkbiner’s cooking lesson with Chef Joe Cicala from Le Virtu:

Great choice for a basic recipe that still appeals to cooks. It’s funny how people often cite cost as a reason they don’t cook, when the packaged versions usually cost exponentially more than homemade versions of good, simple things. Eggs and flour cost almost nothing compared to packaged fresh pasta! (Though I admit, if time in the kitchen is stressful or irritating to you rather than fun, I imagine that’s sort of a cost on its own.)

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In response to Randy LoBasso’s interview with an intern who came to America from Scotland expressly to work on the Romney campaign:

Wait, I am confused—this person thinks that Mitt Romney is the best choice for this country, yet she also thinks that the universal healthcare system in the U.K. is great, but it has no competition? That doesn’t make any sense—since when is no competition to a great system a bad thing?

We need to be more like the NHS and less like Obamacare, which was actually once Romneycare!

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1. Edie Rockett said... on Nov 27, 2012 at 05:29PM

“Who the hell is Grover Norquist? He is a non-elected person dictating what our elected officials should do. He does not represent any person in this country and should be brought up on charges of treason. He has no right, and neither do the elected people of our Congress be made to follow his ridiculous contract of no new taxes. Since when do we the people follow some fool who decides what our elected Congress should do? This man needs to become irrelevant. Please people, wake up!!!!”


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