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ANONYMOUS via philadelphiaweekly.com


This Is Philly, Yo

In response to Bryan Bierman’s open letter to Jay-Z and Made in America attendees about not representing Philly:


Best move in that vein had to be during the 2001 NBA Finals when Destiny’s Child (including a certain spouse of Jay-Z) came on during half-time in Philly and one of them was stupidly dressed in a LAKERS jersey. She got booed, deservedly so, since this wasn’t the Super Bowl in some neutral site. Rumor has it the idiotic stylist who came up with the moronic idea was fired on the spot, but could not be confirmed. But, I have never been so proud of Philly fans, representing, with ‘Don’t bring that SHIT in here!’

ANONYMOUS via philadelphiaweekly.com

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 22, 2012 at 12:12PM

“Regarding Annamarya Scaccia"s story on photographer and recovering alcoholic Charlie O'Hay:
Maybe there is a reason why people who were once homeless are harder to find. They may not want to be found. Having been homeless myself, I have found discrimination from almost everywhere in society. It is often shameful to let one's family know. Especially if you are at odds with them. Employers and landlords dismiss you out of course. Stigmas come along with it: laziness, alcoholism etc. Letting these people know I've been homeless usually changes the dynamic forever. It's not about keeping secrets, it is about fighting too many other obstacles to become self sufficient. There is little left of me to fight for a cause where, again, I will be judged, and by former friends who are resentful and jealous because I managed to claw my way out out. That is I fight I cannot win. The only person in my life who knows is my husband. He's the only person who didn't judge


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