PhillyNow: Michael Bolton Says Goodbye To Pat Burrell

By PW Staff
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No. More.

Happy New Year! PhillyNow returns with the best of the Philly webiverse...

OUR FAVORITE VIDEO: TheJMan927 wants to know: How are we supposed to live without Pat Burrell, now that we've been loving him so long? (Yes, Michael Bolton is involved.)

From the indispensible Young Philly Politics:

Proposed library branch closures were prevented at the eleventh hour with a citizen's lawsuit. The suit cited a provision of the City Charter which prevents the Mayor from permanently closing public facilities without the approval of Council. For now library branches slated to be closed will remain open. But as Marc Stier reported on this blog, ""rolling closures" may now be in store. That means random branches close at random times during the week to save money.

Come on Mayor.

You control a multi-billion dollar budget. The library closures you proposed represent an $8 million annual cost. And your own budget director has said that he now expects a $40 million surplus this year. What gives? The idea of rolling branch closures makes it hard to think you are not being somewhat vindictive.

But the thing is the folks who supported a lawsuit and who fought to keep library branches open are not your political enemies. They are not a part of the old guard that has kept Philadelphia "corrupt and contented." They are not greedy corporate interests.

The people who support libraries, and that you are fighting right now, are your own citizens. They are many of the same people who enthusiastically supported your campaign.

Mayor, it's time to call a truce.

OUR FAVORITE TWEET: From marcmanning:

im going to try to make the voices in my head all have german accents today


Sex Dwarf new wave dance party at Fluid on January 2, 2009.

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