PhillyNow: Calling Nutter Out

By Steven Wells
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We like River way better with the specs and without the ironic 'stache.

Here's some of the best stuff from around the Philly webiverse:

Untitled, by Flickr user Un de Six

OUR FAVORITE BLOG POST: Brendan at Brendan Calling is really, really pissed about the library closings. In particular, he's angry because City Hall isn't going after the Eagles and Sunoco to pay debts Brendan says are owed to the city -- money that could be used to save the libraries:

I called the Mayor's office on Monday and was told there were no plans to try to wring that back debt out of the Eagles, or out of Sunoco either for that matter. In Philadelphia, we have what's know as a "strong mayor system": "the Mayor is the chief executive and the City Council is the legislative body."

Is it strength when a "strong mayor" allows his most vulnerable citizens to take service cuts when our wealthiest corporate citizens get away without paying their debts? No: it's a cowardly mayor who won't leverage his political capital, except to play the bully and beat up on those who can't fight back.

And just in case you didn't get the point, Brendan concludes with his opinion of Mayor Nutter:

Liar. Hypocrite. Coward. Bully.

OUR FAVORITE TWEET: From fuzzytypewriter:

I swear to god Carla from Top Chef was in the background in the Mos Eisley cantina scene

OUR FAVORITE VIDEO: Riley Cote versus Mitch Fritz:

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