More Tributes to Steven Wells

By PW Staff
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From Richard Whittall:

Football is in the centre of our dilapidated cities, the centre of poverty, the same place its embers burned during the Great Depression along the coastal enclaves where immigrants played in forgotten leagues. And it's not going away. But it needs unique voices, many many more than currently grace the airways or the internet. Steven Wells passing on Tuesday has silenced the sport's North American punk rock vocals; it has left British cultural snobbery about Goldenballs unchecked; it has left soccer a little more vulnerable to its American haters, high and low. While his brand of footballing hardcore is irreplaceable, there is ample need to fight the good fight on behalf of North American Football Fans everywhere who want the sport represented as it truly was and not through the lens of a maroon idealist or a malevolent ideologue.

From A Fog of Ideas:

I hated Steven Wells, fucking loathed him... but then I didn't want him to not be there whenever I picked up the new copy of the NME which I bought semi-religiously when I was small

He irritated the fuck out of me... he was forever having a pop at the bands I liked, seemingly doing demolition jobs on this band or that band

And it really seemed to matter a lot to me then, how dare he?!!!

Yet, unlike other NME hacks who I'd just turn the page and think 'twat' if they annoyed me I'd pore over Swells pieces looking for the collapsing logic, the hole in the argument, the flaw that could make me go 'aaaah, not so clever now'... I don't think I ever did, worse luck

At some point I suddenly got it- I understood why he did what he did and why it was so very vital that he did it... and now I could openly enjoy all the good jokes he made too... and he got me into Old Skull, what a true fucking genius hero he is for that

From Brendan Skwire:

Steven Wells, one of the main reasons I read the Philly Weekly, has died, and Philadelphia is the poorer for it.

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1. Cath Carroll said... on Jun 25, 2009 at 02:23PM

“Heartfelt sympathies to Swell’s family, I hope you find peace. Swells was so special, always engaged in life in its every detail, and beneath the shouting, always kind. His special grace was his willingness to be surprised – and when things turned out as expected (mostly shite), he took delight in being appalled. He never let you off the hook, always wanted to know why. He was never mean spirited when setting people off-balance, he felt it was in everyone’s best interest. Last time I saw him was when he came to stay during an assignment in Chicago. We were just leaving the corner diner when he asked me a colourfully invasive question at the top of his voice. Our fellow diners all looked up. “What?” said he, as I gave him the I-can’t-believe-you look. “Is it an embarrassing answer?” Then he turned to the elderly waitress who had taken on a look of alarm in case he asked the same thing of her. He gave her a quick friendly nod and just said’ Thank you very much. That was delicious.””


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