Glenn Beck is Right

It's time for us to find the people responsible for this mess and hold them accountable.

By Steven Wells
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Which is why I am proposing the televised trial of the following: President Clinton, both Presidents Bush and the re-animated corpse of Ronald Reagan (with extra charges filed against Reagan and President Jimmy Carter for their support and sponsorship of the conservative religious terrorist organizations that inevitably mutated into Al Qaeda).

Presidents Reagan through W. would be accused of aggressively pursuing the policies of fiscal deregulation, privatization and an unchecked free market—policies that have been tried again and again throughout human history, and which have always ended in financial disaster and human suffering.

And of course we’d leave to sentence up to Glenn Beck and his gang of revenge crazed crazy old white guys.

Here they are lads, the bastards who destroyed the American dream. Them and their crazy batshit insane right wing economist friends. And (except for Clinton) their frothgobbed lunatic right wing hired assassins on Fox News and talk radio who backed their every insane utterance. And their shit-swallowing audiences. All of whom have spent decades clamoring for the exact same policies that dug us into this motherfucking bottomless shit pit.

There are your targets, angry old white guys. Go get ‘em. Me? I’m gonna get me some popcorn. This should make for
interesting viewing.

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1. Istvan said... on Apr 15, 2009 at 07:20PM

“The author doesn't take a stance, only mocks and waffles. Was that the intent? Beck's actually points are good ones. This article suggests some, like genocide, that are not points of Beck.

Contain your distaste of the points and consider them for a moment. America becoming socialist? You feel angry: America is nothing of the sort!! But consider: What is socialism?? Think about the definition. Think about this: "From each according to his ability, for each according to his need." Break it down. "From each according to ... ability." Next: "For each according to his need." Give to those deemed in "need" by the state.

Does that make socialism wrong? No. Does it make it right? No. The question is not is Beck right or wrong with his claims - he's got some very valid points. What, though, should we do about that? If we are becoming more socialist, is that a direction we'd like to continue in? If not, then why?

To the author of this article, and others: Listen. Even though you feel angry, and lots of other emotions when people say things you don't agree with, think a bit deeper and reflect. Maybe they have a good point. Beck certainly seems to, and that's not being properly acknowledged.

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2. Cat said... on Apr 19, 2010 at 02:58PM

“Why must liberals always resort to race-calling..."angry white men"...

I'm beginning to wonder who are the biggest racists - the leftie labelers who see everything in black and white or us?”

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3. Canof said... on Nov 8, 2010 at 06:46PM

“This article is full of petty insults and straw men. It's like I'm reading an extended comment written by a hateful troll instead of a thoughtful opinion piece. Pathetic, but sadly, all too typical.”


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