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This is the defining moment.

The moment when we could transform who we are as a country and as a culture.

Anxiety is great everywhere--over the war, the economy and the future. But more so in Philadelphia and other large urban centers where violence takes no quarter.

Obama, a former Chicago community organizer, knows city streets. He's worked them, and not so long ago. He knows the language of the streets, and what causes the pain.

He'd react to violence in Southwest Philly as he would to car bombs on the streets of Baghdad: by offering a rational and indisputable logic. Stay in that life--or move to one with real possibilities. He sees his job as providing those possibilities.

"We're tired of being divided," Obama says often when giving his stump speech. "We are tired of running into ideological walls and partisan roadblocks. We're tired of appeals to our worst instincts and our greatest fears."

And he says this: "Don't let anybody tell you we don't know what we stand for. Don't doubt yourselves. We know who we are. And in the end we know that it's not enough just to say that we've had enough. We've got a story to tell that isn't just against something but is for something. We know that we're the party of opportunity."

It's been a long, long time since we've heard rhetoric of hope spoken by a person of such extraordinary moral strength.

"The arc of the moral universe is long," Obama often says, quoting Martin Luther King Jr., "but it bends toward justice."

In this very special moment, Obama has us believing that just may be true.

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