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Lots of countries, many our longtime friends, started to really dislike us. In once happy-to-see-us places like Europe and Mexico, they looked at us with suspicion. What had they done to us?

Here, at our places of work, the anomie grew. Corporations and CEOs grew greedy with the tax cuts. Management stopped listening to employees. The mantra became to leave no crumbs on the table. In the workplace, the decisions made by country club bosses began to mimic how things were done in the White House: creepily, ominously, on the sly, without buy-in from the workers.

Bush and his cohorts, meanwhile, worked tirelessly to convince us of the need to get them before they got us.

The evildoers.

They were everywhere.

Over there. Here too.

In our community.

Next door.

Get the duct tape.

What's the color-code?

Obama never bought it.

Never bought the Bush concept of control through fear; of saber-rattling instead of negotiating; of the need for torture to get information and defeat an enemy.

From the start, Obama never thought this war was worth our blood, our character, our reputation. He doesn't oppose all wars, he says--only the "dumb wars."

And he saw this one as dumb from the start.

Obama's policies on the economy, immigration, the need for diplomacy with our friends and enemies are reasoned, mature and thoughtful. They've grown vigilantly nuanced. He makes us listen carefully.

If his understanding were lacking in any of the issues of the day, his opponents and the media would thoroughly expose him.

What we build up, we love to tear down.

But Obama has been playing big-league ball, and he's been the phenom all season. His strength comes from his soul, which is where he finds his words.

Is he ready to be president day one?

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