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»Video: Philadelphia loves Obama.

Surprised with our choice?

We suspect not.

Obama is clearly the expected PW preference.

In fact, when it comes to endorsements in general, Obama's the king.

Will Smith. Kerry. Oprah. Kennedys.

George Clooney. Scarlett Johansson, for gosh sake.

On Sunday the Los Angeles Times endorsed Obama.

La Opini�n, the largest Spanish-language paper in L.A., did too.

Even the Inquirer rubber-stamped Obama.

So our choice is hardly a bombshell.

We could've gone with Ron Paul.

If nothing else, it would've kept our inbox filled for months.

Happily, though, we got a grip.

We're supporting Barack Obama for a lot of reasons.

Here's the one reason that may be most important: He shares nothing in common with the most morally and spiritually destructive president of our lifetime.

George W. Bush.

Obama sees the planet and those who live in it with a complexity Bush could only imagine.

For eight long years, our ears stung with Bush's rhetoric of arrogance, fear and condescension. His management style was two-faced, greedy and egotistical. We grew ashamed of our government for valuing secrecy and duplicity over transparency and compassion.

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