Why Dallas Sucks

By Tim Whitaker
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 3 | Posted Oct. 31, 2007

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For one, they killed Kennedy.

For two, T.O. lives and plays there.

Need we go on?

The Cowboys of Dallas and Jerry Jones will be in town this weekend to play the Eagles, which is why we're even bothering to bestow a passing thought to that soulless hellhole of a place.

It's also why we have Andy Reid on the cover this week.

Except it's not Andy Reid. It's a guy who looks like Andy Reid.

His name is Steve Odabashian.

He impersonates Andy Reid in parking lots and outlet stores for fun and sport.

Little Willie John

How funny is his impersonation?

Go to YouTube.

Type in "Andy Reid with Mr. Greengenes at the Linc."

That funny.

On second thought maybe we should cut Dallas slack.

Dallas got whacked as hard as we did in the infamous Travel + Leisure rating of American cities released last week.

Perhaps you saw it. It was hard to miss.

What they said about Philadelphia--essentially, that we're an unpleasant city to look at--was picked up by the wire services. It was also posted on every blog in the Western world and emailed to us with a smirk by every out-of-town friend we ever had.

We weren't the only drive-by casualty. Dallas was hit by the same hail of bullets.

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1. Dallas citizen said... on Jan 7, 2010 at 11:18PM

“The man who killed kennedy was not from Dallas, he was from Loussiana maken Dallas look bad and he was also russian!”

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2. Dallas citizen said... on Jan 7, 2010 at 11:26PM

“Dallas Sucks when it come to jobs, it's very over populated here!
they waisted money building the Cowboys a stadium in Arlington!
They should call them the Arlington Cowboys.”

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3. Dallas citizen said... on Jan 7, 2010 at 11:30PM

“Don't come to Dallas it's Dead ain't nothing cracking down here it's barley jobs and it's too populated and all of poeple's Tax money go to the Dallas police Pockets, Please don't come to Dallas.”


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