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Funny, just as the world we held in our appreciative hands a short time ago began to crumble around us, it became shout-out time on the McCain-Palin Straight Talk Express.

The Straight Talk brain trust must have huddled and decided to lighten the mood. With so much suffocating economic anxiety floating about, could it be they figured it was finally time to make us smile?

What else could account for what happened next?

Suddenly, out of the blue, there was a new fun game. It was genius in its simplicity: Whenever McCain or Palin would mention Barack Obama, one or more of their passionate supporters would shout out from deep in the shadows whatever thought hit them first.



"Kill him!"

The game caught on like wildfire.

Every night on the news you could see McCain and Palin firing up the new game.

You had to wonder why the Obama campaign didn't join the fun and drum up the same kind of conviviality. Lord knows we could use the diversion.

But not once all week did Obama supporters take the cue from the gamers across the field and play shout out when their guy would say his opponent's name.

So many lost opportunities.

Imagine it.

Obama, speaking at a rally: "My opponent, John McCain ... "

From far back in the crowd:



"Swamp donkey!"

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